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RTT-Plugin 1.6.10 now available (bugfix only)

A new bugfix only release for RTT-Plugin is now available for all supported platforms. This version provides a single bug fixe for the test suite editor the did cause problems on Windows in virtual environments.

This plugin version has been build with Eclipse API baseline 2022-12 and Java 11. This plugin version has been tested with Eclipse API baseline 2022-03. Eclipse version 2022-12 has been tested to work as well. Eclipse version 2022-12 is recommended to use the plugin, Java 11 is required.

New Features



  1. Fix resource allocation bug in test suite editor


  1. The plugin has been build and tested with Eclipse API baseline 2022-12.
  2. The plugin and Eclipse version 2022-12 require java 11.
  3. Some features require TMS version 2.6.4 to work.
  4. Some features require RTT-MBT 9.6.1 to work.