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RT-Tester 7.0.5 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 7.0.4 or older.

Attention: Windows Users with License Server

If you are using the Windows Release with a (floating) license located on a license server, then you need to upgrade the vendor daemon verified[.exe] there. The new vendor daemon is provided in <RTTDIR>/share/rt-tester/RTT-LIC-SERVER.tgz. for details see <RTTDIR>/share/doc/packages/rt-tester/rt-tester-license-mgmt.pdf:
Appendix A.5 Checkout failed: Bad message command

New Features

  1. Support reading of *.log.gz (FR #20722):

    • Utility rttmerglog can now read gzip-ed log files
    • rtt-run-test option --gzip-log compresses *.log -> *.log.gz
    • rtt-doc-test option --gzip-log creates complete_execution_log.txt.gz
  2. RTTL Command @hexdump (FR #20824):

    • prints hex-dump to testlog: @hexdump(<pointer> [, <size>]);
    • if <size> is not specified, applies sizeof() for an educated guess


  1. Cluster Operation:

    • implement mitigation algorithm to allow for smoother
      offset drift - this filters out noise (#20859)
    • rtt-cltsync: prefer using sntp (if installed)

    • added rtt_json2json(): create a string that is valid JSON
    • added helpers to create/modify JSON (FR #20693)
    • add support for literals and numbers (FR #20695)
    • added rtt_json_configure_output() to set indents / newlines
    • fixed memory leaks during parse
    • added function rtt_json_free()
  3. Scripting Improvements:

    • rtt-clean-test[project]: added option --keep-testdata this is useful, when updating to a new RT-Tester version,
      but existing ./testdata/ shall be preserved for inspection.
    • rtt-compile-test: better support for non-ASCII7 in input files
      and avoid creating #include directives with absolute path (portability)
    • rtt-html-doc now cleans up sections read from *.rttdoc
      (drop unprintable characters that would make jinja2 rendering fail)
    • rtt-msword-doc-testproject: allow componentnames.txt to have different name
      (i.e.: use project.rtp:COMPONENTNAMES)
    • rtt-get-tc-coverage: restore legacy option --req-global (identical to --global)
    • rtt-handle-suite:
      • new option --add-regexp (allows selective addition)
      • --add-all now allows test procedure names to be a prefix of another
      • new option --runmode-no (allow for a suite that cannot be run directly)
  4. Parser Improvements:

    • rttprep_enum / RTT_ENUM_SANITY:
      • for sanity check: do not hand over command line options (again)
        after expanding; merely filter out the #define items
        -> allows CFLAGS; to have direct includes, line -include stdio.h
      • recognize function typedef operations that return an enum ID type
    • file parsing (*.rts):
      • accept @INIT: @FINIT: @PROCESS: to have space/tabs before the colon (supports auto-formatting with tools like clang-format)
      • accept space/tabs in @csvLoop[<row-selection>]
  5. Utilities:

    • rttmergelog:
      • added option --output (-o) to write to file
      • added option --error-log (-l) to append warnings/errors to file
      • give a WARNING, if a file does not seem to contain time stamps
    • rtt_mco: fixed uninitialized data issue (has_ccbm_marker)
  6. Run Time Statistics:

    • corrected value of sum_housekeeping_us (erroneously only summed up durations, if a news longest housekeeping was found)
    • added statistics over LWP cycletime (= time between 2 housekeeping starts), see #20859
  7. License Server Provision:

    • RTT-LIC-SERVER.tgz now always contains all platforms, updated to FlexLM
      (see also: rt-tester-license-mgmt.pdf A.5)
  8. RT-Tester Manual:

    • Preface: added list of required Posix utilities
    • Added notes on Cluster Clock Drift (and the applied mitigation)
    • Added notes running under Windows/WSL
    • Utility rtt-manual now allows for comment lines in *.cpt file


  1. Fix for #20987 (logic error that might hide TESTERROR):

  2. Stub calls that happen after/at test termination:

    • those are now handled properly (fixes #20687)
  3. Jsonlib Robustness Fix:

    • clear lexing state when parsing STRING fails (fixes #20696)
  4. Corrected output of @rttWaitRandom(): waited NN:

    • the printed value may have been misleading for cluster tests where the time
      offset changes (considerably) over time (fixes #20853).
  5. rtt-doc-test logic with LOG_COMPRESS:

    • the script now now retrieves test run information only after
      extracting any COMPRESSED_LOGS.tgz; so the test is correctly recognized
      as run, even if all log files are small (fixes #20988)