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RT-Tester 7.0.4 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 7.0.3 or older.

New Features

  1. Option --error-log FILE for several scripts:

    • for compile/run/doc scripts (and several others), this option appends a new line with an ERROR/WARNING message to that file and allows for later inspection (FR #20604)
      See Manual Chapter 7, keyword “Useful other options”.
  2. New options for rtt-handle-suite:

    • --html-doc (-H) to create status_<TS>.html for exactly the contained test procedures
    • --from-xml / --to-xml to convert to/from RTT-Plugin created test suites
      (FR #20471)
  3. Flag RTT_CONFIG_LWP_STATISTICS creates LWP_statistics.html:

    • If configured (CFLAGS; -DRTT_CONFIG_LWP_STATISTICS), then rtt-run-test automatically converts the created LWP_statistics.json to html (FR #20490)
  4. Refactored rtt-expand-sigdef:

    • process more than one interface appropriately (FR #20494)
    • is now a python script (2.7 or higher) and creates optimized (faster) code, making use of designated initializers.
  5. Lean Test Log Configuration for Signals:

    • New option RTTSIG_LOG_LEANPLOT for sampling signals,
      similar to RTTSIG_LOG_SIGNALPLOT, but avoids duplicate test log entries for unchanged signal values (FR #5928 (b))


  1. Test Compilation / RTTL:

    • rttscan_conf --json: fixed escaping of quotes in LDPATH (performance issue only: scripts use fallback on JSON fail)
    • refactored @rttWait[Random] expansion: always measure the elapsed time in microseconds
    • file comparison files_differ_modulo_cr() for python3 now also handles non-UTF8 characters (increases performance, since they can be detected to be equal)
    • RTT_ENUM_SANITY now also allows value “omit” to omit the sanity check (but aborts if enum parsing itself fails)
  2. Libraries:

    • rttstrlib: added rttstr_read_file(), rttstr_read_line_buffer()
    • rttjsonlib: new library with basic JSON support (FR #20600)
  3. Test Execution:

    • if @INIT phase runs into time-out, ensure that there is a corresponding entry (WARNING) also in the test execution log
    • rtt-run-test: improved termination check messages and added identification of local CNODE
    • @sigWaitFor*: for implausible values (like MIN_TIME > MAX_TIME > 0), a WARNING is committed to the test log.
  4. Test Documentation:

    • rtt-doc-test:
      • also filter out “make” lines when trying to detect the compiler (fix related to #20100)
      • create the <TLA>/readme.txt with sorted entries and with time stamp of last rtt-doc-test invocation
      • rttrts2tab --json now also caters for tab (\t) and omits unprintables <= 0x1f
    • rtt-get-verdict (robustness): if test has been terminated by signal, then the verdict is always TESTERROR
    • rtt-html-doc:
      • resolve --js-dir DIR to absolute path, if required
      • also create links to code-coverage information (if found)
      • test execution time now also shows test duration
      • option --update can be used to recreate any output file (FR #20438)
      • updated .js provision to jQuery v3.7.1 / DataTables 1.13.6 (more robust)
      • evaluate and use sut_version.txt for test procedure overview (FR #20640)
        • added example in DEMO project (for coverage-by-run tests)
        • explained in manual together with BASELINE
    • rtt-msword-doc-testproject: robustness improvement wrt. pure Windows python
      • the running_time_total_us now (correctly) reports from start of PROCESS to the last time this AM was scheduled
      • added lwp field: sum_housekeeping_us
  5. Cluster Support:

    • do not output ERROR if no CNODES are needed for a test
      (classify information as a “NOTE” instead)
    • TCP cluster: inhibit server socket creation for tests with 1 CNODE
      (avoids a spurious error message on start-up)
  6. Utilities:

    • rtt-handle-suite:
      • --zip now uses space to separate patterns
      • options --add or --remove may now be given multiple times
      • runmode-vts: more robust user identification
    • rttrts2tags: option --json now creates data in JSON schema test-cases-v3
  7. RT-Tester Manual:

    • added section about Eclipse + local projects on Windows
    • added section for rtt-handle-suite
    • added section about useful string / jsonlib library functions
    • The index.htm (DEMO / sample projects) now includes hyper-links that open the RT-Tester user manual at the correct page


  1. Test Compilation:

    • rttprep_enum ignores operator<(<) definitions when scanning name spaces (fixes #20399)
    • rtt_stlprep: fixed erroneous #LINE nnn print for raw string literals with line breaks (@rttAssert[Invariant], @rttWaitCondition); (fix defect in FR #13883)
  2. Test Documentation / Tracing:

    • fixed absolute timestamp format for ALL-TC-COV.csv and for @mark; it was erroneously given as TM nnnnnn (fixes #20571)
    • *.rttdoc section PROBLEMREPORTS: only use first "summary" note (as explained in #19644) - this should be a unique brief text and not a collection
    • rtt-get-tc-coverage: refactored processing of projects; the basis are (always) the found test procedures, since the included files may be global this is a more robust basis;
      in particular this fixes #20479 (test procedure filter broken)
  3. Operation:

    • before first scheduling cycle in @PROCESS phase, a signal data exchange is done (fixes #5924)
    • corrected signal sendTm for TIMEFORMAT; absolute (fixes #20674);
      now sendTm is always relative to start of test, like @t.
    • windows license daemon now handles RAW actions (fixes #20432)
  4. Utilities:

    • rtt_parse_csv --json: correctly handle must-escape characters (fixes #20498)
    • deployed FlexLM license server (RTT-LIC-SERVER.tgz) now usable with older Linux (fixes #20569);
      also now includes Linux 64bit version of binaries