Verified Systems’ products cover a wide range of applications.


The RT-Tester test automation tool performs automatic test generation, test execution and real-time test evaluation. It supports

  • Unit testing (also called module testing) for C functions and C++ methods,
  • Software integration (SWI) testing for components (i.e. libraries, collaborations of objects, threads, processes) written in C/C++,
  • Hardware/software integration (HSI) testing,
  • System integration testing,

on Linux and Windows platform.

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RT-Tester Model Based Testing

The RT-Tester MBT (Model Based Testing) extension allows for automatic generation of test cases and test procedures from UML 2.0 models. It supports:

  • Importing UML/SysML models in XMI format from any of the following modeling tools:
  • Automated generation of relevant test cases
  • Automated generation of test data and test procedures
  • Automated checking of the behavior of the system under test.
  • Automated generation of traceability information.

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RTT-DCC: Data & Control Coupling Analyser

Data coupling and control coupling analysis is a mandatory verification task for safety-critical avionics software according to RTCA DO-178B and RTCA DO178C. RTT-DCC is a software analysis tool that automatically performs this analysis with a focus on pointer-induced data couplings.

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RTT-STO: Source-To-Object Analyzer

RTT-STO is a software analysis tool-suite that automatically performs static program analyses of C code and assembly required to receive certification credit for source-to-object code validation in the context of safety-critical avionics software.

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Code Coverage Branch Monitor

The Code Coverage Branch Monitor (CCBM) is a set of utilities that allow instrumentation of C source code for the purpose of branch coverage measurement. This encompasses operations for code instrumentation, removal of this instrumentation, retrieval of coverage information, merging coverage information, and displaying this information with reference to the (original) source code.

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Test Engine Hardware

Verified Systems offers custom built test engine clusters for hardware-software integration testing or software-testing on target. These test engine clusters use Verified Systems own Linux distribution RTT-OS, which comes preinstalled with RT-Tester and a hard-realtime Linux kernel. We offer support for a large number of different interfaces to the system under test, e.g. AFDX, CAN, ARINC 429, Digital I/O, Analog I/O, Analog Signal FFT, MIL-STD 1553, Ethernet, FireWire, Profibus, RS232, RS485, Parallel etc.

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