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Presentation at Space Tech Expo Europe, Bremen

Jan Peleska, shareholder of Verified Systems International GmbH, talks about model-based testing for embedded systems at the Space Tech Expo Europe Technical Forum on November 19, 2015. Model-Based Testing: Automated Generation of Test Cases, Test Data, and Test Procedures from

EU Innovation Radar Prize – Runner-up Trophy for Verified Systems International!

Dear customers, dear friends, Our sincerest thanks for your support in the public opinion poll for the EU innovation prize! Verified Systems International has been awarded the runner-up trophy (i.e. the 2nd prize) for a novel test strategy  with guaranteed

Nomination for EU Innovation Radar prize, 2015

Verified Systems is one of 14 European companies which have been shortlisted by the European Commission for the EU Innovation Radar prize. The nomination is about our product RTT-MBT (RT-Tester Model-based Test Automation). All innovations are presented at the ICT

Testing on Target: Concepts and Experiences (IQNITE 2010)

Testing on Target: Concepts and Experiences (Slides IQNITE2010) Abstract In this presentation we introduce a method and tool support for executing test logic partly on the embedded target hardware and partly on a separated host PC. The modifications of the

RT-Tester’s Model-based Testing Component RTT-MBT Creates Test Data for the ETCS Onboard Controller

In collaboration with a research team at the University of Bremen, Verified Systems International GmbH has published a SysML model of the Ceiling Speed Control function specified for the ETCS onboard controller, the so-called European Vital Computer (EVC). This model

RT-Tester Bounded Model Checker Verifies Interlocking System Components

Bounded model checkers are verification tools that investigate model correctness for a limited number of steps in the vicinity of a given model state. The model-based testing component of RT-Tester, RTT-MBT, has an integrated bounded model checker that is able

Verification of Systems with Synchronous Software Components

From January 2011 to December 2013, Verified Systems performed research and development work for the project VerSyKo (Verifikation von Systemen synchroner Software-Komponenten – Verification of Systems with Synchronous Software Components). This project was funded by the German Ministry of Education

Industrial-Strength Model-Based Testing – State of the Art and Current Challenges

As of today, model-based testing (MBT) is considered as leading-edge technology in industry. We sketch the different MBT variants that – according to our experience – are currently applied in practice, with special emphasis on the avionic, railway and automotive

Runtime Verification of Microcontroller Binary Code

Runtime verification bridges the gap between formal verification and testing by providing techniques and tools that connect executions of a software to its specification without trying to prove the absence of errors. This article presents a framework for runtime verification

Efficient and Trustworthy Tool Qualification for Model-Based Testing Tools

The application of test automation tools in a safety-critical context requires so-called tool qualification according to the applicable standards. The objective of this qualification is to justify that verification steps automated by the tool will not lead to faulty systems