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RT-Tester 6.0-6.4.0 now available (new feature)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.3.1 or older.

New Features

  1. Allow Signal Logging to Socket (implements #15208):

    • If configuration field SIGNAL_SOCKET? (e.g. in project.rtp) is given, then this determines a UDP output port for signals/events in a simple line-based format; this output can be evaluated by arbitrary tools (including the simple rttsockcat`)

    • Added a matching matplotlib-based python utility that continuously plots values received on a UDP socket graphically Note: recommended Python-2.7, matplotlib has to be installed

  2. RTTL timer feature (implements #6143):

    • new RTTL commands @startTimer, @elapsed, @timerValue

    • documentation in manual (including EBNF)

    • utility rtt-inspect-test now accepts option ‘--timers’ to display the used timers

  3. Testbed Version identification (project.rtp):

    • allow new fields TESTBED_VERSION or alternatively TESTBED_VERSION_FILE (implements #15017)

    • this can be inspected by rtt-swi-info --testbed-info

    • Documentation rtt-doc-test includes this information in file astsversion.tex.


  1. Utility rttsockat:

    • New option --remote / -r, allows to listen to datagrams from remote machines
  2. License Management:

    • added deployment of minimal license server provision (RTT-LIC-SERVER.tgz)

    • in rt-tester-license-mgmt.pdf, explain how to set up a license server for Windows and Linux machines (implements #15228)

  3. RTTL code expansion (rtt_prep_rts):

    • for @rttGetPtr, use standard GNUC macro __typeof__, if appropriate (implements #15219)
  4. Enum pre-processing (rtt_prep_enum):

    • robustness: allow syntax typedef enum : <type> { ... } Note: objective C extension, used e.g., in /usr/include/sys/qos.h
  5. DEMO suite (rtt-create-project -u DEMO):

    • Included version V-1.2 supports live plotting of signals

    • Example for RTTL timers has been added (swi-tests/test-20)

    • Example use of new field TESTBED_VERSION_FILE


  1. Pre-Processing of character literals (rtt_prep_rts):

    • RTS pre-processing now treats ‘"’ as alternative to ‘\"’ as character literal, as many compilers do (implements #15196)
      Note: ‘"’ is expanded to K&R standard ‘\"’, so the compiler does not need to accept it.