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CCBM 5.2.0 now available (new feature) [ccbm-advisory 00001]

A new feature release is now available.
Consider updating if you are using Version 5.2.10 or older.


  1. implemented and documented compact XR-format for *.ccbmcov (feature request #6436)

  2. asts-ccbm-xref-gen-html:

    • provide better information on preprocessing identifiers (i.e. whether they are bool and if so: which value do they have)

    • improved output of grep-ing for identifiers in *.c files

  3. empty_cov:

    • simplified the generated conditional log in order to allow for better post-processing

4: asts-merge-coverage/ccbm_merger:

  • always print number of reached branches in output


  1. asts-ccbm-archiv:

    • when creating tar archives, de-reference symlinks (option -h)