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RT-Tester TMS (Test Management Server) 2.6.2 now available (bugfix)

A bugfix release is now available for all supported platforms. This version supports protocol versions 10 to 12 and requires project database schema 27.

Minimum required RTT-Plugin release: 1.6.6 (for all TMS features)
Minimum required RT-Tester release: 6.0-4.9.7

Known Issues

Existing TMS project databases must be updated to use the new database schema 27. This can be done automatically using the post-install script or for each database individually using the rtt-tms-upgrade-database script. The current version of this script will run into an error and abort if the database to be upgraded contains NULL in the column ‘host’ of table test_procs. This will be fixed in the next TMS release version. A valid workaround is to set the hostname of the TMS server machine for all entries that are NULL in this column before performing the upgrade:

UPDATE test_procs set host=‘hostname-of-tms-server-or-localhost’ WHERE host is NULL;

Bugfixes and Improvements

  1. Fixed bug when changing expired passwords

  2. The TMS server now can report the location of its user manual