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RT-Tester TMS (Test Management Server) 2.6.1 now available (bugfix)

A bugfix release is now available for all supported platforms. This version supports protocol versions 10 to 12 and requires project database schema 26.

Minimum required RTT-Plugin release: 1.6.5 (for all TMS features)
Minimum required RT-Tester release: 6.0-4.9.7

Document Meaning of Roles and Actions in RTT-TMS user manual

Bugfixes and Improvements

  1. Fixed: TMS users attributes cannot be changed using RUSR01 - No reply from server

  2. Fixed: Unable to delete user from TMS database

  3. New data base cleanup script

  4. TMS is inoperative if field “license-file” is not assigned (Uwe Schulze)

  5. Change default for samba usage in rtt-post-install from yes to no

  6. Added git and svn wrapper scripts to TMS installation

  7. The installer now includes dependency to xmlstarlet

  8. Fix: Parameter immediate for CVS commands ADD and REMOVE will not be evaluated.

  9. New command line argument ‘–quiet’ of RT-Tester commands in TMS/GUI protocol

  10. Fix: Server downtime announcements are not sent

11: rtt-tms-post-install should set license-file in only ONE installed config file

12: Fix: TMS does not accept RTC05 message with multiple @tag attributes

13: Fix: Duplicate DB entries for Test Procedures

14: Fix: PROC1 specification deficiencies

15: RTT_PROJECT is now passed to rtt-compile-test if set

16: Cannot create user without smbuser attribute

17: Fix: Some init scripts report success on failure

18: Component is empty, when creating a Testprocedure in projectfolder

19: Fix: Various rtt-tms-post-install issues

20: A user can have multiple roles, but ClientInfo.role may only hold one.

21: TEST ENGINEER is allowed to ASSIGN TESTCASES by default

22: RUSR01 does not check if the configured smb user even exists

23: Wrong usage of RVCC01 request leads to confusing error message

24: Fix: Missing dependency to semanage