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RTT-Plugin 1.6.9 now available (new feature)

A new feature release for RTT-Plugin is now available for all supported platforms. This version collects some bug fixes and new traceability import/export features.

This plugin version has been build with Eclipse API baseline 2021-12 and Java 11. This plugin version has been tested with Eclipse 2022-03 which is the recommended Eclipse to be used with the plugin, Java 11 is required.

New Features

  1. HTML links in RTT-Plugin HTML Browser now are able to trigger project actions and documents
  2. The test management view now allows to change attributes for multiple rows
  3. Support for SVN and GIT TMS script parameters stating which executable to be used have been added
  4. Added stand-alone java application that can execute test suite files
  5. Toolbar action “Export Requirements from Model” now is usable with any model file that can be imported
  6. Added support to import requirements to TMS (requires TMS version 2.6.4 or higher)
  7. Added support to export requirements from TMS (requires TMS version 2.6.4 or higher)
  8. Test case traceability data export allows to export test case detail content.


  1. Test Management View for test cases does not filter FAIL correctly
  2. If RTT_TESTCONTEXT/logs exists as file, enabling debug makes all RTT operations fail
  3. Project action for rtt-run-test does not work properly
  4. Error on opening testreport.pdf after compile of the test - documents shouldn’t be available
  5. Added git commit option to support merge
  6. Fixed bug in test case export to RTTL file


  1. The plugin has been build with Eclipse API baseline 2021-12.
  2. The plugin has been tested with Eclipse API baseline 2022-03.
  3. The plugin and Eclipse version 2021-12 require java 11.
  4. Some features require TMS version 2.6.4 or higher to work.
  5. Some features require RTT-MBT 9.6.1 to work.