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RTT-Plugin 1.6.7 now available (new feature)

A new feature release for RTT-Plugin is now available for all supported platforms. This version collects new GUI functionality together with bug fixes of existing functionality.

This plugin version has been build and tested with Eclipse API baseline 2020-09 and Java 11. Eclipse version 2020-09 is recommended to use the plugin, Java 11 is required.

New Features

  1. New RT-Tester actions to check and update RTT-MBT template files stored in the project
  2. Add new actions to access TMS functionality for traceability report generation
  3. During model import, different model identifier used for the model are collected from model configuration and model content and presented to the user for selection
  4. Comments of model elements are visible in model config editor now.
  5. New undo action for model configuration editor
  6. The model configuration editor can be used to select the model configuration to be edited.
  7. The RTT-Plugin should allow to open the user manual from the installed (and configured) RT-Tester Tools (RT-Tester, TMS, MBT).


  1. The reason for a NACK message received from the TMS server must be visible to the user.
  2. Code completion in RTTL/C/C++ editor must be extended to contain all currently known RT-Tester keywords/functions/constructs
  3. Error message when deleting dead symlinks must be improved
  4. Special characters must be allowed in user name when creating a new project.
  5. Test case details are only displayed if the test case is selected in the test cases table. Should work in all three tables.
  6. Fix parser problems that occur in RT-Tester Fuzzing Demo.


  1. The plugin has been build and tested with Eclipse API baseline 2020-09.
  2. The plugin and Eclipse version 2020-09 require java 11.
  3. Changing an expired TMS password requires TMS version 2.6.0.
  4. Some features require TMS version 2.6.2 to work.
  5. Some features require RTT-MBT 9.6.0 to work.