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RTT-Plugin 1.6.1 now available (new feature)

A new feature release for RTT-Plugin is now available for all supported platforms. This version comprises security feature updates for the communication with TMS and TMS-FS Servers.

This plugin version has been build and tested with Eclipse API baseline 2020-09 and Java 11. Eclipse version 2020-09 is recommended to use the plugin, Java 11 is required.

New Features

  1. TLS encrypted communication with TMS server (if server provides it)
  2. HTTPS encrypted communication with TMS-FS server (if server provides it)
  3. Tooltips and dialogs for password-rules enforced in TMS server
  4. Store passwords in Eclipse secure storage

User Manual Additions

  1. Added new chapter about encrypted communication and secure storage


  1. Improved syntax highlighting for RTTL keywords
  2. Cosmetic adjustments to test case import wizard

Known Issues

  1. The TMS project properties display the TMS host name instead of the TMS-FS host name in the TMS-FS host filed. This is no problem if the TMS host and TMS-FS host are identical, but if they are different, the information displayed is wrong. This has not effect on the functionality, but can be confusing, so be aware of this discrepancy.


  1. The plugin has been build and tested with Eclipse API baseline 2020-09.
  2. The plugin and Eclipse version 2020-09 require java 11.