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RTT-Plugin 1.5 now available (new feature)

A new feature release for RTT-Plugin is now available for all supported platforms. This version comprises several usability improvements and a framework supporting C/C++/RTTL indexing of source files in RT-Tester projects. The indexing, parsing and syntax highlighting is still considered experimental and can be switched on and off. Improvements to this feature will be implemented in the next versions.

New Features

  1. GUI support for defining and editing model configuration files.
  2. Information for interface variables (tolerance, latency, etc.) is taken from model_dump.db and model configuration files.
  3. The window title of the goal editor, signal view and RTTL-browser now reflect the MBT test procedure name.
  4. A warning is issued if a test generation is started with unsaved goal editor content.
  5. Support to enter Makefile targets manually and to use more than one target (e.g. ‘clean all’).
  6. The verdict report of a RTT-MBT test procedure definition now contain links that can be used to open the respective artefacts/documents
  7. A double-click on a test scenario goal opens the test scenario editor.
  8. Compressed testlog files (.log.gz) can be opened like .log files.
  9. New (experimental) C/C++/RTTL indexing and parsing support

User Manual Additions

  1. New section how to create and edit model configuration files (section D3, pg. 207-208)
  2. New sections clarifying the use of textual test scenarios and the generated test case tags (section 13.1.5, pg. 114-115 and appendix B1, pg. 184)
  3. New section about C/C++/RTTL index generation and usage (section 4.13, pg. 28-29)


  1. Outline views of RTTL files with the same file name but different absolute path get mixed up
  2. icons for project-actions sometimes garbled with smaller “echo”
  3. Improve display of test procedure, test case and requirement status in test management view
  4. Improve file reference detection in console output further
  5. The RT-Tester element rttBeginTestStep should be part of the RTTL-editor outline view.


  1. The build system has been changed to Eclipse 2019-12 and the plugin has been tested with this eclipse version. It is not recommended to use it with Eclipse versions older than 2019-12.
  2. Some of the new features require RTT-MBT version 9.5 to work properly