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RTT-MBT 9.5.3 now available (new feature)

A new feature release for RTT-MBT is now available for all supported platforms. This version contains new usability features and bug fixes.

New Features

  1. RTT-MBT should generate HTML-IDs for tags in the HTML reports.
  2. Comments added to model elements can not be carried over into the model configuration


  1. Test generation with code-extension fixed
  2. C-definitions for enumeration type definitions from the model were missing in the generated test procedure code.
  3. Fixed support for enumeration types as data types for interface variables and attributes in the model.
  4. Improved error message for illegal variable assignment.
  5. Fixed internal distinction between basic control states and special states
  6. Removed warning about uninitialised timer variables (they are initialised implicitly with 0 anyway).
  7. Improved errors reporting for arrays of timers (this feature is not supported, yet).


Binaries are available for CentOS-7 64bit
This RTT-MBT version works with RTT-Plugin version 1.6.5/1.6.6. (Eclipse 2019-12 or higher)
RTT-Plugin version 1.5.3 and later is expected to work, but some features might not be accessible
RTT-Plugin versions before 1.4.0 are not recommended and are not expected to work correctly wit this RTT-MBT version.