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RTT-MBT 9.6.1 now available (new feature)

A new feature release for RTT-MBT is now available for all supported platforms. This version contains functional changes and Bugfixes. The changes should be extensions of the functionality and should be backward compatible, if possible. See Impact analysis for details.

New Features

  1. Toplevel Component Names no longer must be named “SystemUnderTest” and “TestEnvironment”.
  2. Added support for operation calls on right hand side of assignments.
  3. Added support for void operations containing assignments.


  1. The livelock-checker now uses the samme parser settings as the test generator
  2. Fixed default implementation of SUT configuration generator function writeSutConfigFile() in SutConfigGenerator.cpp.
  3. RT-Tester printable format of scenario test case description no longer contains duplications of @tag and @req.
  4. Scenario test case import into TMS database fixed: test case description fixed.
  5. Jinja report generation no longer fails if non-ASCII characters are used in requirements text.
  6. Test generation of a test procedure instance no longer deletes all test generation logs and reports.
  7. Assignments to the same variable in a sequence of entry, do and exit action is evaluated in the correct order now.
  8. Importing an invalid test model no longer changes the test procedure generation context or rtt-mbt-project.json file.
  9. Importing an empty model now leads to error message “Document is empty”.
  10. Illegal characters in numeric fields in replay log now are detected and reported.
  11. Adjusted error information if a transition trigger event does not exist.
  12. Model errors in model_errors.json now are JSON-escaped.
  13. Fixed parser handling of unnamed properties.

User Manual Changes

  1. Added section about test model anti-patterns that prevent the test generator from finding a solution.
  2. Added section explaining the supported use of operations.
  3. Added usage of RTT-MBT script that generates a textual test scenarios from an existing test procedure.

Impact Analysis

No impact on existing projects or platform usage compared to previous version. All requirements changes are additional functionality that has no impact if not used.


Binaries are available for CentOS-7 64bit
Requires Python 3. This RTT-MBT version works with RTT-Plugin version 1.6.6/1.6.7. (Eclipse 2019-12 or higher)
RTT-Plugin version 1.5.3 and later is expected to work, but some features might not be accessible
RTT-Plugin versions before 1.4.0 are not recommended and are not expected to work correctly wit this RTT-MBT version.