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RT-Tester 7.0.2 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 7.0.1 or older.

New Features

  1. Open Manual at Topic:

    • new utility rtt-manual opens the RT-Tester Manual at a specific chapter, page, topic or RTTL command - (FR #20202)
  2. Mutex Run:

    • project.rtp now allows to define MUTEX_RUN for all tests (FR #20106)
  3. CI Support (gitlab):

    • support test project report in JUnit XML format (FR #20132); rtt-html-doc --junit-xml FILE can be interpreted by gitlab CI


  1. Cluster Support:

    • optional CFLAG RTT_CONFIG_FS_KEEPALIVE_MS triggers repeated file system access
      (workaround for NFS kernel bug, FR #20252)
    • consistency: (HLRT): if cpu_reservation failed, do not try to unreserve it on exit
    • revised cluster test termination and added rtt-run-test option --cluster-timeout (improves #20220)
  2. Test Log Readability:

    • write large time values as human-readable entries and add digit separators (FR #20152)
    • log “<open-ended>” for @rttWaitCondition / @rttSelect[X] and “<empty-interval>” for @rttSelectX for special upper timebounds (FR #20153)
    • @rttSelectX() now creates a test log entry on nominal return (class MISC). (fixed: lower time bound violation erroneously created two entries)
  3. Status Reporting:

    • rtt-handle-suite --status now recognizes a currently running test
    • rtt-html-doc now also reports the first test case FAIL (if any) as test log snippet
  4. Scripts:

    • robustness fixes wrt. native Windows python interpreter:
    • recognize \TMPL\ like /TMPL/
    • for LOG_LOCATION, explicitly use Unix path conversion of project
    • cater for cygwin python3 interpreters that require -u path to run (suppress by setting environment variable RTT_WIN_PYTHON=true)
    • robustness: catch any exceptions, when sending signals to processes
    • robustness: rtt-list-results: warn about “.#*.conf” files and skip them
    • robustness: on Windows, rtt-kill-test uses now taskkill and for Cadul, tries to terminate RunCadul.exe
    • rtt-run-test (rtt-crd-test): add option --hard-kill
      as workaround for windows signal handling issues (see #20117)
      this can also be configured for a test suite (rtt-handle-suite)
    • deep Clean:
    • for rtt-clean-test, option --deep-clean extends to global stubsrc (if option –global is used)
    • convenience: added option --deep-clean to rtt-compile-test, rtt-crd-test (extends FR #19938)
  5. Libraries:

    • rttstrlib:
      • added helper functions for utf-8 / iso-latin-1 conversion
      • added rttstr_hexdump_to_stream()
      • added conversion functions for milli/microseconds to a human-readable string: rttstr_{us,ms,time}2string, rttstr_{us,ms,time}2buffer
    • allow timeouts as scaled time strings, e.g. “1hour 5minutes” (FR #20158)
    • readdir() error return is now reported to <stderr> (see #20166)
  6. Compile Operation:

    • rtt-compile-test only updates rtt_prj_time_scale.h if required
    • src/Makefile explicitly removes /tmp/ file dependencies (see #20186)
    • rttprep_enum ignores __attribute__(()) in more places (see #20184)
  7. Signal Plotting (rtt-live-sigplot):

    • use Tkagg (which for python3 stops stealing focus)
    • added option --labels-file for complex y-axis labels (implements FR #20071)
  8. Documentation (RT-Tester Manual):

    • better explanation of PROBLEMREPORTS (FR#19644): the notes must be written as LaTeX, the rest is plain text
    • corrected documentation of OUTPUTFILE (and output file size)
  9. Sample Projects:

    • DEMO V-2.2
      • include example on manipulating clock speed (time scaling)
      • new user action to open manual at specific topic or RTTL commands


  1. Cluster Operations:

    • rtt-run-test --mutex:
      • fixed directory permission settings of /tmp/RT-Tester if it is created (fixes #20118)
      • allow to abort (signal 15 / interrupt) while waiting for lock
    • avoid arbitrary delay during timer resets in cluster mode; add caveat to manual in 11.3.4 (fixes #20184)
    • use -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 in build so that *.rts file are found on very large file systems (fixes #20166)
  2. Test Compilation:

    • rtt-compile-test: corrected order of re-expanding *.conf (fixes #20083)
    • rtt-update-test: correct update for *.rts that contain non-ASCII characters (fixes #20057)
    • rtt-gen-test: removal of outdated *.rts.d (fixes #20105)
    • robustness: avoid abort, if os.chmod fails (fixes #20221)
  3. Test Documentation / Plotting:

    • robustness fixes wrt. non-ascii characters in log files (fixes #20041)
    • fixed use of option –count-at (fixes #20161)
    • rtt-msword-doc-testproject: handle tags containing a colon (fixes #17640)
    • rtt-doc-test: filter out ‘make’ lines when trying to detect the compiler version (fixes #20100)
    • use stable hash so that signals with the same name are always plotted as same symbol (fix #19908 ~45333)