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RT-Tester 7.0.1 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 7.0.0 or older.

New Features

  1. Mutually Exclusive Run-Test:

    • rtt-run-test allows for simple mutex mechanism, if tests share the same hardware:
      option --mutex (FR #20020)
    • rtt-handle-suite / rtt-crd-test support this option
  2. New Project Documentation Options (rtt-html-doc):

    • --user-labels allows to customize the y-axis of sub-plots (FR #19875)
    • --to-file write the plot to a file (even if no X is available) (FR #19907)
    • --occurrence-style (use order of appearance to determine signal style) (FR #19908)
      By default, now the name of a signal determines the style (colour and shape), so in different plots the same signal creates the same line.
      The legacy behaviour can be invoked by option --occurrence-style
    • --sig-plots creates signals.png and includes the in the html output
    • --sig-svg creates signals.svg instead (better zoom options but larger file size), FR #19907
    • --from-file JSON reads the relevant data from a file (JSON format, FR #19852),
      which is typically a TMS data base export;
      if jsonschema is available, the format is also validated
  3. Test Documentation (rtt-doc-test):

    • new option --sig-plots creates signals.pdf, which can be included in test report (FR #19907)
  4. Deep Clean:

    • rtt-clean-test has new option --deep-clean to also remove sub-directories or testdata (FR #19938)
    • rtt-handle-suite can be configured to use this option
  5. Coverage-By-Run Navigation:

    • utility rtt_mco now also adds links to reach/miss anchors, clickable in RTT-Plugin (FR#19869)


  1. Script Improvements:

    • migrated rtt-inspect-test to python (#19932)
    • rtt-create-project sets RTTDIR and puts it in path (which helps post-install scripts)
    • (robustness) rtt-run-test now catches potential exceptions when sending timeout/termination signal to test executable (#19867)
    • rtt-stop-test now also sets timeout.txt to 1, giving rtt-run-test the chance to terminate the running executable.
    • rtt-doc-test:
      • correct special treatment of ../conf/unit.conf
      • apply simple latex-escape on user names (run/doc)
      • option --doc-tmpl now also accepts relative paths
      • processing of of *.req files handled more robustly via try-catch and fall-back
        (improves #19858 item 1)
  2. Utilities:

    • rtt_mco: revise marking of closing braces (#19890) and case/default labels (#19906)
  3. CADUL Support:

    • libraries now built with current cadul.430U
    • upgraded RunCadul.exe to version deployed with 430U (64bit) / 430R (32bit)
    • CORR_IO.CLL (unchanged) matches version deployed with 430U
  4. Updated Sample Projects:

    • DEMO [V-2.1]: include signal plots to status.html and test reports
    • Fuzz-Demo [V-1.3]: corrected issue #19858 (6,7)


  1. Temporary Files created by Python Scripts:

    • keep track of tempfile and tempdir objects and close them before removing the corresponding tempfiles (fixes #20029)
    • update TQ-tests to complain about leftover tempfiles
  2. Script Operations:

    • rtt-msword-doc-testproject: forward option --verbose only if defined (#19861)
    • rtt-live-sigplot: corrected time scaling for --replay option (#19874)
    • rtt-handle-suite: corrected status computation, e.g., for tests where last compile did fail (#19931)
    • rtt-compile-test / rtt-update-test now remove test executable on fail (#20001)
    • a failing rtt-doc-test now removes outdated *.pdf, should they exist (analogous to #20001)
  3. Parsing SUT Headers (rttprep_enum):

    • robustness fix for character literals that involve double quotes (they are consistently ignored now)
      also improved recovery of source code line numbers, e.g., after multi-line expansions of assert() macros