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RT-Tester 6.0-6.6.3 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms except for the CADUL compiler.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.6.2 or older.

New Features

  1. Test Project Documentation rtt-html-doc (in package python):

    • Create HTML and CSV files for project or sub-projects
    • Supports cyclic refresh out output
    • Information can be filtered / searched jQuery style
  2. Script Related:

    • rtt-doc-test creates testdata/problemreports.csv (FR #19558)
    • All python scripts are now also operative with Python 3
    • New python scripts,
  3. Test Documentation:

    • provide templates for encoding utf8 (default) and legacy iso-latin-1/ISO-8859-1
      (FR #19571)


  1. Fuzzing Support:

    • Include @return (in @ASSERT:, @FINIT:) in index
    • @fuzzLoad() now returns with WARNING, if no violations are found;
      fixes also endless loop of @fuzzLoad[0]() for this case
    • Compile now aborts, if @FILE: extraction fails (#19523)
  2. Libraries:

    • (strlib): improve robustness of rttstr_relative_path_to() and avoid pointer arithmetic
      added checksum function: MD4SUM
    • (csvlib): always accept trailing white-spaced during number conversions
  3. Example Projects (DEMO, FMI-Demo, Fuzz-Demo):

    • Added navigation options (outline requires RTT-Plugin 1.6.6 or newer)
    • Revised documentation templates:
      use the new RT-Tester provisions for utf-8 or iso-latin-1
  4. License Server:

    • Upgraded RTT-LIC-SERVER.tgz to FlexLM/lmhostid
  5. GDB Debugging:

    • RT-Tester Manual: new section 6.4 about (gdb) debugging with Eclipse / RTT-Plugin
    • DEMO project (V-1.10) includes pre-configured example (swi-11),
      explained in the slides


  1. Scripts:

    • rtt-clean-test removes ./testdata/* content (fixes #19524)
    • rtt-reset-verdict now also treats section TESTCASE VERDICTS (fixes #19565)
  2. Parser / Lexer:

    • (rts) add raw string literal handling for @printf (fixes #13883)
    • (rts) support “stop on fail” also for @rttSetVerdict(FAIL); (fixes #19534)
    • (rtt_enum_enum) corrected string comparisons in functions
      myenum_t rttStr2Enum_myenum_t(const char* str_val);
      (fixes #19467)
    • (rts: @uut) allow de-referencing void** type for @format situation
      (fixes new aspect ~0043638 of #5819)
  3. Cluster support:

    • Revised @rttStopTest behaviour in @INIT: phase (fixes #19517)