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RT-Tester 6.0-6.6.0 now available (new feature)

A new feature release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.5.4 or older.

New Features

  1. RTTL Syntax:

    • Commands @rttPrint, @rttIfFailed, @rttIfPassed new keyword @hidden allows to mark some parts of the print block to be only visible to the editor (it will not be transmitted to the test log or to the requirement tracing) - implements FR#18779
  2. HLRT and Cluster Support:

    • include cluster provision in RPM (if build with --enable-cluster) which is useful for RTTOS-6, RTTOS-7
    • hlrt64: include correct lib path in package-info (avoid linker warnings)
    • only invoke rtt-cltsync if number of CNODES > 1
    • rtt-cltsync now uses ntpdate (if available) - see #18670
    • project.rtp: allow to skip explicit sync by setting EXPLICIT_STARTUP_SYNC; no (default: yes) - implements FR#18678
    • support for clusterd >= 2.0 - implements FR#18793
    • added configuration field LOG_LOCATION to avoid expensive NFS logging (implements FR#18854)
  3. New packages:

    • Experimental packages for python2 scripting and FMI 2.0.1 compliance now available upon request


  1. Bash scripting and Makefiles:

    • robustness: refactored use of utility invocations (sed, grep, …) to work (also) with other tool-chains (tried on MacOS)
    • portability: with awk, avoid $RS, use $0 to reference complete line
    • portability: avoid non-ASCII characters for script replacements
    • rtt-copy-test: robustness wrt. empty “TLA” parameter
    • rtt-copy-test: added options --verbose, --no-replace (-n)
    • rtt-update-test: when checking for AM containment, also remove the “<DRIVERLETTER>:” parts (if any)
    • uniformity: all scripts now accept the options --verbose and --quiet (implements FR#18866)
    • robustness: Makefile_src (Windows) now only creates legacy symlink rtt-test-case if non-equivalent to .exe (avoids “too many levels of symbolic links” warnings)
  2. Performance Improvements:

    • taglib (used e.g. for rttrts2tags): changed parse logic to not put new entries on stack but treat linearly - allows for much larger files (fixes #18852)
    • rtttab2tex (called by rtt-doc-test): use heap-sort instead of bubbles sort when preparing output
  3. Parser:

    • rttscan_conf gives better error messages on doubly defined fields (see #18727)
    • robustness: better detection of illegal parameters for RTTL commands (abort with error + command position, if argument is too long; this makes it easier do identify and fix the syntax problem)
  4. Documentation and Examples:

    • Manual clarifies configuration field properties (unique vs. over-writable)
    • New CAVEAT about leaving control flow within @try ... @catch (e.g. via ‘return’ or ‘continue’) - addresses #18869
    • DEMO Project [V-1.7] supports use with RTT-Plugin; the index.htm has now a section on configuration fields
  5. Utilities:

    • rtt_parse_csv has new options --select-tags (to filter), --fields ALL (to output all columns), and --json (to allow better use together with python scripts)
    • rtt_checkfor_hlrt: new option --delay (for debugging)


  1. RTTL Issues:

    • Logging (of @uut/@rttCall and of stub invocations): corrected missing de-referencing of scalar pointers that are used together with @format "%d" (or similar) - fixes #18777
    • fixed accidental omission of non-whitespace character directly after “*” in @printf() argument list, if the line starts with “*” (fixes #18686)
  2. C/C++ Parsing:

    • accept C++11 syntax ’enum class’ and ’enum struct’ (fixes #18656)
  3. Script Errors:

    • rtt-swi-shared: fixed dependency from C_UPDATE_SUFFICES for tests with signal extension (-> explicit sequence rtt-gen-test; rtt-prep-test is possible there now)
    • rtt-doc-test: if pdflatex is missing, exit code should be ‘1’ (no PDFs) (fixes #18850)
    • rtt-compile-test/rtt-update-test: if expansion of the *.conf file fails, avoid writing unparsable lines into the src/used.conf (fixes #18887)
  4. Installer:

    • (Windows) use script name for command-line suite (previous Win installers erroneously provided this as