RT-Tester 6.0-6.5.4 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.5.3 or older.

New Features

  1. Test-on-Target: (FR #15477):
    • added guard around (tgt-side) prototype generation:
      #ifndef RTT_TGT_NO_DECLARE__
      this addresses PE371 problem (#18494)
  2. Signal Extension:
    • added two simple helper functions @sigName(), @sigAlias()
      (implements FR#7212)
    • rttSigPrint(sigSet, RTTSIG_LOG_SIGNALPLOT):
      the on-read logging of signal values now has new log entry letter ‘Y
      which makes the computed signals.dat smaller and
      also more plausible (in particular for the queueing case),
      since only the WRITE operation is now displayed in the diagram (completes FR#5928)


  1. HLRT Kernel / CPU reservation:
    • added sanity checks for HLRT feature, if ‘RESERVE_CPU; yes' is configured
      for any LWP (implements #16065)
      compile without HLRT support (in the RT-Tester) will fail;
      when running, there will be WARNINGs (in the first AM log),
      if any CPU reservation of an LWP fails
    • added utility rtt_checkfor_hlrt to test for HLRT usability
  2. Utility rtt-handle-suite.py:
    • short option (-s) for --status
    • added option -e,--testerrors-only to re-execute tests that
      are not run or have crashed (TESTERROR)
    • added options (-o,--output, -O,--append) to redirect
      stdout/stderr output to a file (overwrite or append)
    • added (simple) locking of running test suites
    • added options ‘--quiet‘, ‘--verbose‘, which
      are handed over the invoked clean/compile/run/doc operations
  3. Template Projects:
    • Include update of DEMO suite [V-1.6]
      with use of new commands @sigName, @sigAlias
  4. Manual:
    • Added section about debugging with signals in the signal library
      chapter 15.3 (internal functions, expert knowledge, restricted
      sanity checks in provided functions).
    • Added short description of signal access hook functions and
      reference to sample test procedure.
      (sigPutHook, sigTransmitHook, sigGetHook)
    • Added documentation of customised signal logging functions.
    • Added documentation of last value storage. (sigLastValue)
    • Improved documentation of CPP stubs (in/out and references)
    • Signal extension: supplemented documentation for some useful
      API functions
    • Updated EBNF (Appendix B) with @sigName, @sigAlias
    • Appendix D: Compatibility:
      now compile aborts, if RESERVE_CPU; yes is used without HLRT


  1. Nanosleep operations:
    • ignore only interrupt (EINTR) return values, try to wait for
      remainder time if any (#16064)