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RT-Tester 6.0-6.5.3 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.5.2 or older.

New Features

  1. Test-on-Target C++ Support:

    • prepared templates to be fit for C++ name mangling rtt_tgtprep_stubs now expects signatures including ‘::’ (and replaces it by _CC_ in generated code, except for the location of the interface function) – implements (FR #15477)

    • added section on C++ tcalls/tgtstubs in tgt manual

    • rtt_tyco_gen: added ignoring of all __attribute__(...) (implements #18180)

  2. Utility

    added options --runmode-rtt/vts/tms (implements #18002)


  1. Windows version:

    • 64Bit installer: also include the 32bit posix-std libraries – implements #18003 (can only be used with 32bit windows gcc/g++, see Manual: 8.2 64Bit and 32Bit Projects)

    • Robustness: Windows legacy symlink ‘rtt-test-case.exe’ is optional, compile does not fail if it cannot be created.

  2. Utility

    • fixed formatting issue for ‘failed’ messages (zero-length format)

    • allow to add/remove all test procedures with wild-card ‘*

    • corrected recognition of test procedure

    • exclude special directory TMPL

    • follow (sym)links when collecting test procedures

  3. Scripts:

    • rtt-clean-testproject: added short options -k (--keep-verdict) and -q (--quiet)

    • rtt-compile-test (rtt-gen/upate/run/doc-test): give more information, if *.conf file cannot be found (improves on #11116)

  4. Channel Configuration Robustness:

    • corrected WARNING text, if configuring buffer size = 1 which will only work for sampling ports (improves #17364)
  5. Libraries:

    • new: function bool_t rtt_stublib_type_is_string(const char*) decides whether a given type name is treated like a string (char*) type, e.g. for stub code generation

    • new: function bool_t rttstr_is_whitespace(char);

    • rttstr_convert_path_pattern_to_current_platform(): for MinGW, convert path to mixed style (most portable)

  6. License management:

    • rtt-begin-session aborts after a number of failed tries that is configurable (option --max-tries); for Windows, the number of default attempt is set to 3 (to avoid multiple pop-ups) – implements #18001
  7. User Manual:

    • In connection with (#16542), corrected documentation of ‘TAG_TRACING_SUM’ ; also corrected rttscan_conf --help here

    • Added section 12.15 Linker Issues with Stubs to warn uses of linkers that may not behave as expected (addresses #17980)

    • Corrected section 10.2.5 about the ‘SUT’ keyword

    • Added section 10.2.6 concerning the overriding of *.rts files

    • Added section 12.5.2: Pointer Parameters and @format – Special Case char*

    • Added section 8.3 The Project Timescale and Macros ms, us explaining new workaround in rtt_prj_time_scale.h (implements #18179)

    • In 7.2 Execution of Test Procedures, added paragraph on Coverage by Run

    • Consistent usage of ‘test case’ and ‘test procedure’ (implements #17346)

    • added missing documentation of @sigUpdateSignals()

    • explained error return values for @sigWaitFor*()

  8. Template Projects:

    • In default project, added inclusion of listings and useful command \LISTFILE{relative/path/to/file}

    • Include update of DEMO suite [V-1.5] : added Coverage by Run examples


  1. Tag tracing:

    • (robustness) corrected potential anonymous TESTERROR (for TAG_TRACING_SUM;yes) that MAY occur due to use of freed logfile reference (fixes #18178) The problem should occur very rarely under unlikely side-conditions. Workarounds:

      1. for test procedures with unexpected verdicts: before rtt-doc-test, remove /testdata/*.tags

      2. (general prevention) In project.rtp, set TAG_TRACING_SUM; no

    • revised handling of @VERDICT_SECTION_IN_RTTDOC__AUTO: in the situation where user sets test procedure verdict in *.rttdoc; in some corner cases, a wrong auto-verdict got displayed (without affecting the final tc verdict). (fixes #17524, comment ~0039986)

  2. RTS lexing (rttprep_rts):

    • corrected infinite loop in lexing rule – (fixes #18166)

    • rttprep_rts --debug now also dumps the current input position to – should help in identifying problems where lexing hangs.

    • skip white-spaces after ‘(’ in @rttCall, so that () and ( ) are now equivalent (fixes #18154)

  3. Stub files rttprep_stubs (rttstublib.a):

    • fixed limitation of maximal 314 stubs per file (fixes #18156)

    • corrected treatment of ‘char*‘ similar types (fixes #18070)

  4. Project configuration (rttscan_conf / TESTBED_VERSION_FILE):

    • for Windows version, convert RTT_TESTCONTEXT to mixed path before reading file (fixes #18000)