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RT-Tester 6.0-6.5.2 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.5.1 or older.

New Features

  1. filter_logsig:

    • added option --json to create signals.json format output (cater for RTT-Plugin, #17699)

    • added option --csv/--time-factor F in order to re-format inputs given as comma-separated-value ,,

    • added option --json-file in order to ALSO write output to some x.json; this option is used by rtt-doc-test for use with RTT-Plugin (implements #17699)

  2. utilities rttrts2tab, rttrts2tags: added option --quiet to suppress all maskable WARNINGs


  1. improvement on (#16542), TAG_TRACING_SUM; yes (default):

    • copy the entries when entering in LWP queue; this way, we can see the status evolution (e.g., OBSERVED -> PASS -> FAIL) of tags in the resulting *.tags file

    • (Note: for the final tracing/verdict computation, this does not make a difference)

  2. rttstrlib:

    • (robustness) fixed memory leak in rttstr_assoc_list_from_file()

    • added function rttstr_free_assoc_list() to completely de-allocate an assoc list (this is for the case that rttstr_assoc_list_from_file() is used in a long-run test procedure repeatedly)

  3. taglib:

    • (robustness) corrected suppression of [UNKNOWN-END] rtt_taglib_configure(rtt_taglib_config_nowarn_unknown_end)
  4. utility rtt_parse_csv:

    • robustness: an empty last line is not processed (this avoids spurious NOTES for skipped last lines)
  5. license daemon (rttlicd) / license management:

    • for expired features, try re-evaluation, since the file content/file behind symlink may have changed (improvement #17829)

    • added special action ‘reset’ by rtt_talk_licd that explicitly triggers re-establishment of all active links

    • revised provision of RTT-LIC-SERVER.tgz and updated rt-tester-license-mgmt.pdf

  6. Include update of DEMO suite [V-1.4]


  1. rttscan_rts (rtt-compile-test):

    • duplicate port names within one AM template that derives from different files are now yield warning, but not an error (fixes #17790)
  2. extended stub syntax (stuco):

    • trace tags in successful @ASSERT: operations to PASS (fixes #17676)
  3. stucolib / stublib:

    • added explicit casts to (void*) for calls to memcpy/memset (fixes #17677)
  4. Utility rttprep_conf:

    expect @{key} field to occur more than once in the same line and replace all occurences (fixes #17789)