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RT-Tester 6.0-6.5.1 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.5.0 or older.

New Features

  1. Reduction on number of files in ./testdata/ (#16542):

    • (a) per default, collect the tags (only) in LWP – LWP_.tags this can be disabled in *.rtp/*.conf: TAG_TRACING_SUM; no

    • (b) optionally, small am *.log files can be compressed to COMPRESSED_LOGS.tgz (and are only extracted on demand) needs to be enabled in *.rtp/*.conf: LOG_COMPRESS; yes


  1. Binaries and Utilities:

    • rttmergelog: (performance) added options --omit-dosbreaks, --expand-tabs which performs far better than filtering the output through a set of replacements / pretty printings

    • rttscan_rts (rtt-compile-test): duplicate port names within one AM are now treated as an error (#17307); this has been noted in the compatibility section (App.D) of the manual

    • rtt_mco: corrected --help output: the options --diff and --format are also possible

  2. RTS file processing robustness and optimisation:

    • utilities rtt_aux_replace_pattern_by_string and rtt_aux_replace_pattern_by_file: do not read whole input at once (avoids crash on very large inputs)

    • library function rttstr_insert_hashlines() only inserts the filename once, and also contains an option to never insert the filename (but only the #line numbers)

    • rts lexer/parser: avoid writing “sourcefile” string to output if it remains unchanged

  3. Channel Configuration:

    • print WARNING if configuring buffer size = 1 which will only work for sampling ports (added Caveat in Manual), (realises #17364 1,2)

    • mis-configuration of buffer size = 0 will now yield a WARNING and adjustment to size 2 – (implements #17364 3)

  4. Scripts:

    • rtt-clean-test (usability) if directories [stubs]src,testdata,doc are missing, do not complain; only output a note, if --verbose is selected

      rtt-create-project: sample -u DEMO_RTT_TURNIND now has life signal plotting (for test-Turnindicator/signals)

  5. RT-Tester Libraries: reduce compiler (version) dependencies:

    • use assert() macro without unexpected dependencies (#17240 (2))

    • avoid unnecessary ctype inclusion (#17240 (2))

    • check of built libraries for unexpected used symbols (#17240 (3))

    • ctxlib: added functions rttctx_get_next_handle(), rttctx_is_handle_used() (implements #17448)

    • ctxlib: rttctxPutLwpSchedCmd() now wait for completion before returning (see FR#17376) for the old, non-blocking behaviour, the new API function rttctxPutLwpSchedCmd_Extended() has been added new meaningful error codes for unexpected situations have been introduced (rttctxSchedCmdReply_t)

    • rttstrlib has now utility function rttstr_line_buffer_has_line()

    • sanity checks: deactivated spurious nanosleep() warning in RTTstartup.c; instead, supplemented missing nanosleep()-checks in rttctxlib:rtt_lwp_nanosleep() and rttservicelib:rttWaitMilliSec() (addresses #16064)

  6. RT-Tester executable:

    • rtt-run-test now prints the md5sum of test executable to allow for later comparison / identification

    • for abort situations (like SIGTERM), ensure that the exit code of rtt-test-proc is != 0 (fixes #16063)

    • (robustness) fill AM/LWP/CNODE data with zeroes initially

  7. User Manual:

    • Added (brief) description of the Eclipse user-interface (RTT-Plugin) (addresses #17282)

    • added file type overview table

    • usability: use LaTeX command \path{} for strings with underscore (allows for better text search in the PDF document)


  1. test case tracing (rtt-get-tc-coverage / rtt-doc-test):

    • setting rttdoc-verdict to PASS is now not marked as ‘changed’ for test cases that are already PASS in the test run analogously, FAIL is only marked as changed if not already FAIL in the run (fixes #17524)

    • when referencing merely the test procedure in ALL-TC-COV.csv, reference the path to the conf-file (which allows meaningful hyperlinks)

    • in ALL-TC-COV.csv, reference _AUTO:UNTESTED as _AUTO:NOT TESTED (since UNTESTED is only an internal marker)

    • in *.rttdoc section TESTCASE VERDICTS, corrected the treatment of test case tags containing a colon (':') – fixes #17562

  2. RTS lexing (rttprep_rts) – Win-32 only:

    • workaround for flex-issue with @rttSelectX[interval] (fixes #17305)
  3. RTS file parsing (rttrts2tab) revision:

    • repaired (in taglib) parsing, if @rttPrint-block terminates in a line with no newline (end of file) (fixes #17551)
  4. Other script issues:

    • rtt-msword-doc-testproject (Cygwin only): corrected handling of tags containing a colon (':') (fixes #17640)

    • rtt-clean-test: also clean up ./doc/ in order to remove the symlinks (fixes #17458)

    • rtt-doc-test / rtt-get-tc-coverage option --tags-file: if there is a TAG_FILE, then compare to the previous contents (if any); previously, only the timestamp(s) were compared, which was not good enough – fixes #17672

  5. Test on Target:

    • in adapter template, corrected typecasts for 64bit Cygwin (fixes #17366)