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RT-Tester 6.0-6.4.2 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.4.1 or older.


  1. New Utility:

    • allows to ‘merge’ (combine) several test procedures to a single one
  2. New Utility:

    • for command-line handling of test suites
  3. Utility: rtt_parse_csv

    • added options --separator and --terminator in order to configure the output for easier parsing

    • added option --print-rts to transform input csv files to (RTTL style) @rttPrint blocks

    • robustness changes with respect to whitespaces between the comma-separated fields

    • added options --req-outnl to use only newlines ('\n') in output of @req (as required by, e.g., DOORS)

  4. Script rtt-gen-test (test-on-target):

    • robustness: for all Makefile macros, do not apply the space-by-linebreak replacement (replace_spaces_by_makefile_linebreak) because that breaks paths which contain spaces (compare #16341)
  5. User Manual:

    • corrected documentation of *.rtp/*.conf field CHANNEL_HEADER_INCLUDE to include all channel headers (this was erroneous listed as CHANNELHEADER_INCLUDE)


  1. rtt-compile-test (rttprep_rts):

    • more robust handling of @logSig, accepting float expressions with character literals containing ‘;’ (fixes #15848)
  2. Script rtt-get-tc-coverage:

    allow BASELINE to include the ‘[’ character (fixes #16175)

  3. Script rtt-doc-test:

    • added detection and meaningful error message, if ‘pdflatex’ is missing or fails without log

    • ensure that the referenced {testproc,testrep}frameunit.log files always exist (fixes #16171)

  4. Windows Installer:

    • corrected packaging for rtt-inspect-test (fixes #16034)

    • corrected 64bit lib path (fixes install problem with spaces, #16341)

  5. test-on-target (Windows):

    • in TGT-Manual, added appendix with situation “Multiple Boards share the Communication Medium”

    • included TGT-Manual and missing templates in Windows Distribution (fixes #16217)

    • robustness: improved templates for rtt_tgt_send_receive_packet.c, rtt_tgt_send_receive_packet.c with respect to socket operations and bitness (now supports 64bit compile of rt-tester-tq/tgt-tests)

    • portability: for byte order conversion, add more alias definitions of type names (e.g., ‘short’ as alias for ‘short int').

    • portability: tgt_*.bash: use cygwin mixed path for temp-files (if required) – otherwise, MinGW binaries cannot open these files.