RT-Tester 6.0-6.4.1 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.4.0 or older.


  1. RTTL parsing (rttprep_rts):
    • allow line-breaks before @rttPrint in order to make this consistent with
      tag-tracing and document it (repairs #15571)
    • added support to c++11 raw string literals (implements FR #13883)
      this includes @rttBeginTestStep, @todo,
      @rttTestError, and @rttSetVerdict
      not supported is usage after ‘@format' (which is explained and documented)
    • correct line numbers for syntax errors in @rttWait[Silent] (#15428)
    • correct line numbers for syntax errors in @{} expansion (#15444)
    • correct line number distortions caused by preprocessor directives
      e.g., #define, #ifdef, … (#15455)
  2. rtt-compile-test (rtt-gen-test, rtt-update-test, rtt-run-test, rtt-doc-test):
    • give more error information for non-path arguments
      (improves #11116)
  3. User Manual:
    • corrected description of implicit yield for @rttWaitCondition[Silent]
    • revise RTTL timer description and signal section
      (implements #15570)
    • added section about use of (raw) string literals in RTTL
  4. Test documentation (rtt-doc-test):
    • corrected erroneous output concerning EXPECTED RESULTS section
    • added support for documenting test cases that have several step markers, so-called “scenarios”
      (see #15614)
    • included multi-step (scenario) description in the user manual
    • minor corrections in *.rttdoc file evaluation for sections
    • added overview on *.rttdoc file sections in manual (14.3.1)
      (implements #15595)
  5. AM configuration (rttscan_conf / AM parameters):
    • added sanity check that ensures that the AM parameters
      defined in *.conf match the ones that are required by
      the @abstract machine() definition in *.rts;
      abort with error message, if the list of parameter names does match
      (implements #15457)


  1. tag tracing (rttrts2tags, rttrts2tab, rttreqtrc, rtttagreqtable):
    • corrected matching of multiple @tag entries in the same @rttPrint
      block that may occur without separating text (fixes #15572)
  2. test-on-target:
    • (Cygwin:) use mixed-path notation for template directories
      (fixes #15623)
    • rtt_tyco_gen: robustness: ignore __asm__ directives if they should
      occur in headers (e.g., the case for ‘time.h‘ in cygwin-1.7.28)
    • tgt_prep_stubs: consequently use TGT_printfN (not KID_printf);
      robustness: for debugging output, always use CR+NL line feeds
  3. signal logging to socket (utility rtt-live-sigplot.py):
    • fixed (re-)labelling issue in
      signal plotter when using option --subplots (labels got lost on redraw)
  4. test documentation (rtt-doc-test):
    • robustness: for @include directives, remove trailing comments in line,
      if any (fixes #15435)
  5. Cadul:
    • correction of executable name (rtt-test-proc) in scripts
      rtt-cadul-run-cov, rtt-cadul-merge-cov, rtt-cadul-load-cov, rtt-cadul-debug
      (fixes #15799)