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RT-Tester 6.0-6.2.1 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.2.0 or older.


  1. Examples / Introduction to new Users

    • rtt-create-project now allows to install a feature demonstration project (option: --use DEMO, see user manual chapter 8)

    • also added module DEMO_RTT_TURNING (several ways to test a turn-indication example SUT)

  2. Documentation

    • User manual: added notes and caveats for use of of conditional compilation and C macros, when writing RTTL (addresses #9476)

    • License documentation: revised rt-tester-license-mgmt.pdf (implements #13221)

  3. Robustness

    • Cluster tests (ctxlib): implement cyclic transmission of FrameTime every 500 ms (implements solution for #5653)

    • project.rtp: added sanitation of BASELINE string to avoid breaking of reporting (implements FR #13328)

    • multi-architecture support: on 64bit machines, include package Cflag ‘-m32' for posix-std

    • rtt-create-ifm: remove tempfiles reliably align @tag detection of rtt-doc-test with rtt-get-tc-coverage / rtt-msword-doc-testproject (improves #6519)

    • correct AM-logging of flooding control (now proper lwp handling for #12180)

    • test-on-target: add ‘BOARD' identifier to generated memory map defines (implements #13064)

  4. Usability

    • rtt-create-project: added display of brief module description (if available)

    • rtt-crd-test: support rtt-doc-test option --no-pdf (implements #13242)


  1. Channel library (cnllib)

    • fixed erroneous overrun detection with port queues (#12017)

    • issue warning for partitition filters exceeding buffer size (#12072)

  2. Test Documentation:

    • rtt-doc-test: avoid duplicate listing of ANONYMOUS tag in Test-Case Coverage (fixes #13143)