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RT-Tester 6.0-6.2.0 now available (new feature)

A new feature release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.1.1 or older.

New Features

  1. Library Functions:

    • Added service function rtt_is_almost_equal() for float (or double) comparison (implements #12238), see Manual ‘Comparison of Float (or Double) Values’ and rttservicelib.h for details
  2. Project Settings:

    • allow to also use time scales microsecond, millisecond together with custom my_gettimeofday() function
      (implements #12283)
  3. Utilities:

    • added script rtt-inspect-test to retrieve information about a test procedure (and its configuration)
      (implements #12342)


  1. Documentation (Manual):

    • added index at end, including all RTTL commands (implements #12139)

    • added documentation for @rttInstallFilterArg (resolves #12168)

    • reworked overview of RTTL commands that implicitly perform a yield (implements #12328)

    • for signal extension, added common pitfalls section (implements #6366)

    • brought rttui section up to date for rttui3-3.9.0 (implements #12792)

    • corrected documentation of @rttGetRandom (is signed, see #7666)

    • added documentation for RESERVE_CPU (implements #8964)

  2. Scripts

    • for rtt-swi-info --version display date of release (not date of last change of last change of rtt-swi-info)

    • rtt-list-results --tla: ignore trailing ‘/’ if given (implements #12355)

  3. Test-on-Target

    • for generated tcall/tgtstub header: added padding that ensures 4-byte alignment for all package fields (implements #12182)

    • locate expansion of @GLOBAL: section before allocation of data store (implements #12402)

    • corrected use of TFC_FUNCALLS_DEBUG_PRINTF0: only for target side code, for host side code use ‘printf’ instead

  4. License Management:

    • instead of memorising only the last FlexNet error, allow to collect all errors associated with the attempted action (implements #12317)

    • added token class ‘rtt_vts_run’ (RUN only) to cater for #12331

    • upgrade to FlexLM/lmhostid (implements #12873)

    • for test-on-target, support handling of license management via TMS

  5. Catering for model-based testing:

    • added AM field run_stat_wakeup to store the next relevant time if waiting (0, if not relevant);
      The minimum of all non-0 values denotes the next time when there will be a state change (if no data is received earlier)

    • in signal (get/wait/waitfor) commands, included status propagation:
      @sigWaitForChg(), @sigWaitForUpdate()
      @sigWaitForAllChg(), @sigWaitForAllUpdate(),

    • include MinGw family for Cross compile on Linux (-DRTT_LINGW) (packaged as separate *.rpm)

    • support family ‘mingw’ setting in rtt-swi-info / rttscan_conf

    • allow overwrite of TIMERS field by local setting; this entails that settings are now stored in ./stubsrc/rtt_prj_time_scale.h

  6. Robustness and Diagnostics:

    • CNL preprocessing (rttprep_cnl): implement upper limit on channel buffer size (RTTCNLLIB_MAX_BUFFER_SIZE)
      added warning on startup (RTTcontext.c) if allocating memory fails
      (implements #5539, see ~c23905)

    • added (flooding-controlled) function rttctx_warn_if_nonzero() for diagnostic output

    • do not ignore fails calls to nanosleep(), issue warning (but allow for flooding control) – implements #12180

    • in installed headers, consequently include rtt_test_config.h before other headers (resolves spurious warnings wrt. PRIxNN macros)

    • added fallback for PRIx64, PRIx32 (and SCN)

  7. Other:

    • test configuration (rttscan_conf): automatically remove deactivated AMs from LWP configuration
      (implements #12326)

    • removed legacy wrapper scripts (that do not start with rtt)
      (implements #6275)


  1. Lexer / Parser:

    • RTS files (rttprep_rts): special handling of char-literals in @printf() arguments (fixes #12652)

    • Refactoring of @rttSelectX[Silent](s,t0,t1,...): ensure that t0 and t1 expressions are evaluated exactly once

    • test configuration (rttscan_conf): if no AMPROCESS is given, then use AMNAME for this by default
      (fixes #5554)