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RT-Tester 6.0-6.1.1 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.1.0 or older.

New Features

  1. Test log operations:
    • Added function pair int32_t rttctx_suspend_logging_of_AM(const char* am_name); `int32_t rttctx_resume_logging_of_AM(const char* am_name);' to suspend/resume log output (feature request #11899)


  1. Documentation (User Manual:

    • Clarified nature of ports with rttWaitForFilters if used with other commands than @rttWaitFor (clarifies #7113).
  2. Test Documentation:

    • rtt-msword-doc-testproject: allow for multi-level TLAs (that include a path separator “/”)
      (see #12042)
  3. Performance and Optimisation:

    • rtt-compile-test (rttscan_rts): if unused, skip storing the raw C data (see #11936 / ~22917); avoid duplicate parse operations (#11936)

    • License management: unless option --verbose is given, start license daemon with muted output (implements #5867)

    • RTT internal types: enum types with negative values (rttErrno_t, rttSigRet_t): set terminal value to MAXINT32 (0x7FFFffff) in order to avoid unnecessary 64bit encoding (implements #12058)

  4. Robustness

    • rtt-compile-test (rttscan_rts): treat string literals special (may contain start-of-comment markers)

    • Vlclib: allow rttVlcPut() to return FALSE on fail and catch more situations where rttVlcPut() to returns FALSE

    • Filter functions: treat filter functions return as robust bool_t (i.e. distinguish only “0” and “not 0”); this corrects the unexpected behaviour of filter functions that return a value != 1 for TRUE (see #5537) added corresponding note to manual, appendix D (compatibility)

    • Filter definition: attempts to call @rttSetMatchCondition() with criteria “rttMatchSet” or “rttMatchSequence” for filter type other than rttWaitForFilter now yield a FAIL (invalid parameters, see #7114)

    • Test-on-Target: Tcalls now complain, if the id of the received reply does not match (implements #12108)

  5. Signal Extension

    • (for cluster): implemented collection of unsubscribed signals (#7170) of suggested *.sig file (in ./testdata/)


  1. rtt-run-test, rtt-clean-test:

    • Fixed unexpected deletion of files in working directory if changing directory fails (see #11961)

    • Fixed crash with delayed logging when writing to testdata directory is not possible (see #7962)

  2. Signal Extension:

    • Fixed crash when no signals are configured for test procedure, but a signal-related function is used (see #8077)

    • Vlclib: add missing mutex for Cygwin-Build (fixes #12018)

  3. Stub generation:

    • for overloadeded C++ stubs with trailing const, add suffix “_const” to the stub filename (and to all the stubs-related variables); this resolves the overwriting-issue if two methods differ only by a trailing const (fixes #5877)

    • for overloaded (C++) stubs case fixed code generation for @return and @callcnt (correction to #11562)

  4. Requirement tracing (rtt-get-tc-coverage):

  • For option --requirements, corrected path representation for Windows/MinGw (fixes #11943)
  1. Filters with rttMatchSequence
  • Correction of @rttWaitFor with rttMatchSequence (#12077); now non-matching orders are properly discarded.