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RT-Tester 6.0-6.1.0 now available (new feature)

A new feature release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-6.0.1 or older.

New Features

  1. Stub Handling:

    • added service functions to reset the call counters (for ALL stubs); this allows to change order to test steps that rely on call-counters to be zero. See Manual, Section 12.13 Modifying Stub Call Counters (CALLCNT)
      (implements #11260)

    • for extended stub syntax, added shorthands @callcnt (own call counter) and @return (own stub return value) to ease programming of @BODY, @DEFINE, and @ASSERT section (implements feature request #11562)

  2. Test on Target:

    • added special treatment for pointer parameters/return values that have value NULL
      (implements #5815)


  1. Windows general:

    • Executable and Installers are now signed (to confirm that they have indeed been built by Verified Systems)
  2. Project creation (rtt-create-project):

    • in default project, only use boxedminipage (moreverb, listings) if the corresponding *.sty file can be found (see #11636)
  3. Script robustness (rtt-compile-test, rtt-run-test, rtt-doc-test and similar):

    • Prevent accidental application of commands for special TLA=“TMPL” (which is used for test creation and documentation templates). Only "rtt-copy-test" may use TLA=“TMPL” (implements #11872)

    • refactored functions for portability (MacOS): rttdoc section extraction, detection of obsolete stubsrc files

    • ensure that auxiliary files generated in ./src/ and all files in ./testdata/ are world-writable (supports #11752)

4.Test Documentation (rtt-doc-test):

  • simplification: omit ./src/tmp.doc.Makefile, use ./src/Makefile instead (with targets compiler, compiler-version)
    (see #10522)

  • improved output, if one or more PDF documents did not build
    (see #11641)

  1. Stub Syntax (rttprep_stubs):

    • for extended stub syntax (sections @DEFINE / @ASSERT), if the language is C++, support C++ operators and and_eq bitand bitor compl not not_eq or or_eq xor xor_eq
      (implements #11820)
  2. Run time libraries (rttctxlib):

    • robustness: add non-NULL check before fclose() – (treats #11769)
  3. License management:

    • general update to FlexLM 11.13.0 (aka Version 2014 R2)
      (resolves #11823, implements #11825)


  1. Test Compilation rtt-compile-test:

    • Added check for whether intermediate stubs directories have been changed or been removed; if yes (to either), then it does not suffice to update, but a full gen-test/prep-test is required
      (fixes #11666)

    • Added check for change of AM parameters (type/name specification) if this has changed, then a complete recompile is required, rtt-update-test does not suffice (fixes #5955)

  2. RTS Prepossessing (rttscan_rts)

    • Corrected lexing of escaped characters like '\"'
      (fixes #11764)

    • For @rttWait[Silent](), @rttWaitCondition[Silent](), @rttWaitRandom() fixed the multiple evaluations of parameters: every parameter (expression) is now evaluated exactly once. (fixes #11839)

  3. Stub generation (rttprep_stubs):

    • In signature line, also print the parameter type-kind (@ordinary, @pointer, …) for every parameter; this way, a stub will be re-generated if the type-kind changes in *.stubs
      (fixes #11827)
  4. Print functions for enum types (rttprep_enum):

    • added escaping of string literals and character literals as they may occur in C++ header files (fixes #11857)
  5. Extended Stub Syntax (stucolib):

    • Delayed handling of int64 print format directives (fixes #11926)