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RT-Tester 6.0-6.0.0 now available (new feature)

A new feature release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-4.9.9 or older.

New Features

  1. Cadul: Adjustments for execution in RunCadul (virtual machine)

    • remove dynamic loading of DLLs
    • deactivate setting of CPU affinity (handled by RunCadul)
    • make rtt-run-test dependent on $RTT_RUNCADUL_DIR (if defined, then use RunCadul.exe/CORR_IO.CLL from there)
    • adjust rtt-cadul-run-cov to use qover and use $RTT_RUNCADUL_DIR/qover.exe if present
    • adjust rtt-cadul-merge-cov to use qover business logic and added corresponding documentation
    • rtt-compile-cadul-test: fixed handling of RTTDIR with spaces
    • marked rtt-cadul-debug, rtt-cadul-load-cov as deprecated; they now require the new option --force in order to be executed
    • (implements #10048)
  2. Multi-architecture support (for 64bit Linux)

    • install both 32bit and 64bit rt-tester libraries
    • added project configuration field ARCHITECTURE to select i686 or x86_64 in project.rtp; this allows project-specific decision to link against a 32bit or 64bit SUT
    • in rtt-swi-info, added argument --arch to select architecture (here, default architecture is i686, since that one is always installed)
    • (implements #6861)
  3. Avoid accidental use of old testdata

    • rtt-compile-test / rtt-update-test / rtt-run-test: at end of compilation, if files are found in ./testdata, these are moved to ./testdata/BAK if ./testdata/BAK/ already exist, then files may be over-written. rtt-run-test will clean this ./testdata/BAK/ if present
    • (implements #8248)


  1. Signal library

    • if @s is called on a signal not subscribed locally, it does not longer return arbitrary stack values, but returns 0.
    • new debugging feature for signal access: CFLAGS ; "-DRTTSIG_WARNINGS=0x00000001" activates signal access warnings (in *.conf or project.rtp) If this is activated, access to signals which are not subscribed locally will trigger a warning in the test log. This holds for @s, @sigGet*, @sigWaitForVal, @sigWaitForAllVal.
  2. support of short enums (-fshort-enums)

    • concerns all installed RT-Tester headers:add terminal element with value (0xFFFFffff) in order to make RT-Tester robust wrt. CFLAGS; -fshort-enums (see #8583)
  3. license management

    • disable pop-ups that ask for license files (on failure; Windows only)
    • license daemon does no longer implicitly attempt to check out a joker feature on start-up (compare REQ-RTT-LIC-0330 / REQ-RTT-LIC-0335)
    • instead, rtt-begin-session now can optionally attempt to check-out a joker feature (–get-joker)
  4. Test documentation (rtt-doc-test)

    • allow TLA in component-names to match more than one level (e.g. “dal_c/unit-tests”) - implements #8577
    • refined application of sanity checks for *.rts files: only the base rts files are checked now (not the included ones, since they should be considered code sniplets)
    • avoid spurious warnings wrt. non-existing *.rtlprep files: base processing on the ./src/*.rts files
    • revised and documented the exit codes of the script - added: 5 : tex processing issues (PDF was built, but user should consult the listed log files) this now is the return value, if pdflatex returns an error code but succeeds in generating PDF output
    • now process testprocedure with –interaction nonstopmode
    • delete outputfiles before processing (avoid accepting of outdated data)
    • if EXPECTED RESULTS are given: omit ANONYMOUS tag only if its verdict is PASS or NOT TESTED, otherwise report (implements #6370)
    • allow better section names: EXPECTED RESULTS -> TESTCASES, TCSET -> TESTCASE VERDICTS (the old names are still accepted)
    • remove undocumented feature of introducing new tags in EXPECTED RESULTS (compare #6371)
      decision: a tag without @rttPrint block is defective and shall be disregarded.
  5. rtt-list-results --tq-error

    • only accept TPs with verdict TESTERROR as ‘OK’ if the keyword TQ-EXPECT-TESTERROR is found in the test log. this way, unexpected crashes can be detected (implements #6748)
  6. User Documentation:

    • Corrected several minor typos in manual


  1. Expansion of Signal-Expressions

    • rttprep_rts: corrected expansion of Signal-expressions that are used inside @rttAssert (@rttAssertInvariant, @rttCheck, @rttCheckInvariant) – fixes PR #9281
  2. Requirement Tracing (robustness)

    • rtt-get-tc-coverage: When incomplete @rttPrint blocks with @req but without @tag ids are found, then ignore the corresponding block (and report this on stderr); fixes PR #9618