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RT-Tester 6.0-4.9.7 now available [rt-tester-advisory 00001]

A new RT-Tester release is now available for all supported platforms.
Consider updating if you are using Version 6.0-4.9.6 or older.


  1. rttscan_conf:
    • added support for C-style comments (not recommended, though) (implements feature request #8143
  2. rttprep_rts: @logSig
    • allow optional format string, e.g. @logSig["%4.10f"](<s>, <val>); (implements #8198)
  3. rtt-run-test:
    • always clean up old testdata (even if test executable is missing); this is to avoid accidental usage of outdated testdata if compilation failed (implements #6679)
  4. rtt-doc-test:
    • improved performance of utility rtttab2tex
    • if test procedure was uncompiled or not executed, there is now a clear message to the user at the end of the rtt-doc-test operation and the exit code is != 0.
    • The details regarding verdict handling (etc.) are now documented in the manual: 14.7 Abnormal Termination of Documentation (completes PR#6497)
  5. rtt-get-tc-coverage:
    • when associating test-case tags with requirement tags, also consider the *.rti files (improves handling of PR#7690)
    • corrected wording in table header (Status -> Verdict), part of PR#8041
    • robustness: when getting tags from *.log files (instead of *.tags), then explicitly remove trailing whitespaces
    • changed tracing logic in agreement with PR #5658: now verdict “FAIL” is considered stronger than “TESTERROR”, since it reflect a confirmed defect in the SUT already. (This is consistent with the treatment of FAIL in rtt-tms.)
  6. rtt-create-ifm:
    • fixed for installations where RTTDIR contains spaces
  7. rttlicd / rtt-request-node-lock-license:
    • robustness: ensure error messages in the reply cannot exceed available space (fixes PR #7186)
    • switch to tamper-resistant (trl) libraries where possible
    • apply dynamic generation of FlexLM security component (for improved security)
  8. test-on-target:
    • robustness change in rtt_receive_send_tgtstub.c (Adapter): add safety margin to buffers: RTT_RECEIVE_SEND_SAFETY_ADDITION (may be set in Makefile_tgtrttsrc by setting compile flag -DRTT_RECEIVE_SEND_SAFETY_ADDITION=<my_value>)


  1. reworked fix of PR #7202, since it may do more harm than good; now only a WARNING of the following form is issued: DETECTED mis-definition of constant TRUE → must not be 0 - PLEASE CORRECT THIS IN YOUR HEADER FILES!
    • In case of CADUL, no compile-time warning can be issued (#warning not supported).
    • Additionally, on startup a warning is issued to , if a misdefinition is detected. This fixes the problem described in (PR #7370)
  2. rttlicd / rtt-request-node-lock-license:
    • upgraded to FlexLM (Linux-side and Windows-side) to resolve PR #7812
    • cluster license run time tests: corrected test termination on license fail (fixed PR #6901)
  3. rtt-create-project:
    • fixed handling of option –sample (-s)
    • in module 0: add SOFTWAREPATH to project.rtp
    • in module 0: add complete unittest1 template
  4. rtt-doc-test:
    • when computing AM parameter table, parse the *.rts.rtlprep files instead of the *.rts source files (fixes PR#7679)
    • when computing AM parameter table, parse the *.rts.rtlprep files instead of the *.rts source files (fixes PR#7679)
    • if the @include directive is used, then all required rts files are computed for test-case documentation; using just ./src/*.rts (which is faster) would miss the included data (fixes PR #7690)
    • ignore “\r” when evaluating TCSET section (fixed PR #8063)
    • for detection of anonymous asserts, use executable rtt_aux_filter_anon_asserts that lexes complete_execution_log.txt directly (fixes PR #7635)
    • if test procedure verdict is user-defined in *.rttdoc to value X, then all testcase verdicts are marked as “manually set”; this includes those that previously already had value X (fixes #7454)
    • fixed treatment of lines after @req line that are not prefixed with @req (they are not treated as requirement tags, compare manual)