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CCBM 5.8.0 now available (new feature)

A new feature release is now available. Consider updating if you are using Version 5.7.2 or older.

New Features

  1. preprocessing (ccbm_prep):

    • allow to configure uint16_t storage for data [SECTION MISC] STOREAS_UINT16 = TRUE (implements FR#19476)
    • allow to configure exclusion of comma operator [SECTION MISC] FORBID_COMMA = TRUE (implements FR#19477)


  1. coverage merging (ccbm_mco):

    • ccbm_mco parser now understands gcov lines with <n>[*]: markers, which indicate (for a ‘covered’ line) the presence of an assembler statement with zero execution count new option –list-zeros displays these lines on termination (implements #19466)
  2. Generated Code Flexibility:

    • allow skipping of print functions by guard CCBM_CONFIG_SKIP_PRINT_FUNCTIONS (both in ccbm_prep and asts-ccbm-create-call)

    • asts-ccbm-create-call has new option --storeas-uint16 (corresponds to FR#19476)


  1. configure/scripts:

    • asts-ccbm-eeprom-gen weeds out DOS linebreaks (Fixes #19202)