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CCBM 5.7.0 now available (new feature)

A new feature release is now available.
Consider updating if you are using Version 5.6.2 or older.


  1. Instrumentation (ccbm_prep):

    • also accept Bool literals with [uUlL]* suffix (implements #15654)
  2. Utilities:

    • ccbm_empty_cov now also accepts 0-byte input files and also files with unterminated last line (implements #15485)


  1. Cross Reference Generation (asts-ccbm-xref-gen-html):

    • weed-out tokens that start with a number (like ‘0u')

    • avoid some spurious matches in project files (C/C++-style comments)

    • for search for tokens in project files, also match -D<token> (common syntax in Makefiles, *.rul-files, etc.)


  1. Instrumentation (ccbm_prep):

    • correct behaviour wrt. identifiers that end with _t or _u when generating code before declarator; they have to be treated as types unless they occur in [SECTION NO_TYPENAMES] (fixes #15486)
  2. Post-Processing (ccbm_cov):

    • re-evaluate coding state with each new hash-related line to prevent faulty lookahead markings (fixes #16100)