CCBM 5.6.2 now available (maintenance)

A new maintenance release is now available. Consider updating if you are using
Version 5.6.1 or older.


  1. Utility asts-ccbm-file-status
    • added options --local-summary, --global-summary to record
      the information also in HTML files (realises #15010)
  2. ccbm_prep / asts-ccbm-prepare-file:
    • added optional attribute (-DCCBM_OPTIONAL_DATA_STORE_ATTRIBUTE=x)
      to the data storage (may be useful when locating the data in certain sections)


  1. Documentation (ccbm-coding-requirements.txt):
    • added clarification item [3.4] (!) <22> No #if/#elif/#else segmenting function head and body
  2. Forecast and status reporting utilities:
    • asts-ccbm-file-status: use relative paths to files when generating HTML
    • asts-ccbm-archiv: list generated output and allow to skip copy operation (by '--target -')
    • forward the --no-symlinks/--symlinks option to
      (improves asts-ccbm-xref-gen-html and asts-ccbm-archiv)
  3. Project Templates:
    • asts-add-coverage now includes auto-repair option and duplication detection per default
  4. Robustness:
    • ccbm_prep / asts-ccbm-prepare-file:
      for violation log entries, dynamically adjust size of scratchpad (otherwise it may crash for very long entries)
    • asts-ccbm-xref-gen-html uses better (relative) path computation


  1. utils/strlib [used by asts-ccbm-prepare-file]:
    • corrected faulty handling of consecutive appending of two LONG strings in a row (fixes #14659)
  2. Utility asts-ccbm-show-conditional-log:
    • prevent accidental temp file removal, which allows this to be called be called by asts-ccbm-xref-gen-html (fixes #15005)
      (as a robustness measure, this has been ensured in all other scripts that source asts-ccbm-shared-bash)
  3. Utility ccbm_empty_cov (which is used to generate forecasts):
    • add HTML-replacing of '<', '>' if called with option '--browse' (-b) (fixes #15022)