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CCBM 5.6.1 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available.
Consider updating if you are using Version 5.6.0 or older.


  1. ccbm_prep (asts-ccbm-prepare-file) behaviour:

    • (preventive) designated (compound) initialisers are now skipped rather than parsed, since they are not subject to CCBM-markers (implements #8718)

    • (robustness) cleaned up memory leaks (only relevant when processing very large files)

  2. asts-ccbm-create-call:

    • robustness: when generating CCBM_call.h, add temporary declaration of NULL (if not present)
  3. Coverage Post-Processing (ccbm_mco):

    • added ‘/*$$$ BEGIN SPECIAL:’ and ‘/*$$$ END SPECIAL:’ as sequence that is marked as excluded for coverage summary


  1. ccbm_prep (asts-ccbm-prepare-file) behaviour:

    • removed wrong assumption that DIR_PROJECT is already defined (fixes PR #13448)

    • added support for empty initialisers (fixes #13845)

    • added conditional expression in initialisers (fixes #13954)