CCBM 5.6.0 now available (new feature)

A new feature release is now available. Consider updating if you are using
Version 5.5.1 or older.


  1. ccbm_prep (asts-ccbm-prepare-file):
    • accept (compiler-specific) boolean constants 0[bB][01][01]*
      (implements FR #12316)
  2. ccbm_merger:
    • support --ignore-corrupted also for inconsistent
      or number of branches (implements #1823/~25253)


  1. Documentation (Manual):
    • included EEPROM memory in the list of preconditions for
      successful application (Section 3.1)
  2. Refactoring:
    • eeprom extension: refactor pattern to be more adjustable (if modifications are required)
    • cleanup of tempfiles: added robust removal (exit trap) of temporary
      files for all scripts
    • added utility ccbm_add_to_file
      to improve performance of file updates (implements FR #8279)


  1. Tempfile Removal:
    • Fixed tempfile removal for asts-ccbm-repair-ccbmcov (#13235)
  2. ccbm_prep (asts-ccbm-prepare-file):
    • handle special case where a #include is followed by a C-comment
      that terminates with the end of the line (fixes #12167)
    • avoid setting ‘,‘ in front of typenames (fixes #12318)
    • for asts-ccbm-prepare-file,
      added missing option ‘--strict‘ (see manual 4.2.4, PREP_STRICT)
      (implements #8845 issue ~25302)