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CCBM 5.5.0 now available (new feature)

A new feature release is now available.
Consider updating if you are using Version 5.4.3 or older.


  1. ccbm_prep Flexibility:

    • Added options --with-timestamps (default) / --no-timestamps to enable/disable writing the time of processing to the output C file; This can also be selected via config.ccbm:[SECTION MISC]: PREP_TIMESTAMPS = (TRUE|FALSE) (implements #7929)

    • Guard the print-out of generated versionstamp with #ifndef CCBM_SKIP_VERSIONSTAMP See CCBM Manual, section “5.4 Compiling the Instrumented SUT”
      (implements #11661)

  2. Platform-tailored Configuration:

    • per default, build 64bit executables on 64bit platforms (implements #10843)
    • new configuration option –enable-m32 enforces 32bit executables
  3. documentation (tool help)

    • ccbm_prep: improved documentation of –strict / –non-strict
    • ccbm_prep: list relevant #defines for compilation of instrumented code


  1. asts-ccbm-info behaviour:
    • added reliable removal of temporary files (fixes PR#11022)