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CCBM 5.4.1 now available (maintenance)

A maintenance release is now available.
Consider updating if you are using Version 5.4.0 or older.


  1. Instrumentation (asts-ccbm-prepare-file / ccbm_prep ):

    • clean up format of violation log entries
    • always perform well-formedness-check (even with --skip-sanity)
    • allow type-casts before compound initialisers (implements #8651)
    • allow field-name-designators in compound initialisers (implements #8320)
    • allow array range expressions in compound initialisers (implements #8321)
    • allow GNU case range extension i.e. case 1...7 (implements #8454)
    • for TYPEOF macros, allow arguments that are type_names (which includes support of nesting)
      compare IBM statements on __typeof__ operator applications
    • slightly more efficient processing of exclude patterns (compare #8279)
  2. Example provision (documentation):

    • added reference implementation of compact XR (heX Reached) format
  3. Internal TQ tracing:

    • added: ./create_tq.bash
    • added: ./doc/ccbm-tool-requirements.txt


  1. Instrumentation with TYPEOF macros (ccbm_prep):
    • improved matching conditions for trailing modifiers (fixes #8597)