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CCBM 5.2.2 now available (maintenance) [ccbm-advisory 0003]

A maintenance release is now available.
Consider updating if you are using Version 5.2.1 or older.


  1. ccbm_mco:

    • cleaned up configuration options

    • fixed overlay of more-than-two lines (may occur, if input *.c code contains statements in branch lines)

  2. asts-ccbm-textual-merge-coverage:

    • added option --fail-continue in order to allow for gentle degradation: if merging of one file group fails (for some reason), then take just the first of these files for merging; this will yield incomplete coverage information (for this file) but complete overview tables
  3. asts-ccbm-coverage-info:

    • improved performance of inputfile processing
  4. ccbm_prep:

    • more robust check for FILE (__FILE_defined) before re-defining type
  5. EEPROM-Extension:

    • improved type-consistency of templates wrt. TQ-Tests (pointer casts)


  1. asts-ccbm-coverage-info:

    • fixed coverage parsing [ccbm-advisory 00002] (PR #6449)
  2. ccbm_mco:

    • fixed overlay of do-while marker: remove ‘&&CCBM()’ properly (fixes PR #6566)
  3. ccbm_coverage:

    • fixed treatment of function definitions that contain CCBM markers in same line, like generated for ‘void no_operation(){;}

    • fixed treatment of “else{CCBM()” situation

    • fixed treatment of “do { ... CCBM(); } while()

    • fixed treatment of <COMMENT>CCBM() situation (--no-markers case)

  4. ccbm_empty_cov:

    • avoid trailing empty lines (fixed PR #6569)