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RTT-Plugin 1.6.0 now available (new feature)

A new feature release for RTT-Plugin is now available for all supported platforms. This version collects daily work issues with the C/C++ parser and indexer, test case import/export and other aspects.

This plugin version is the first that has been build and tested with Eclipse API baseline 2020-09 and Java 11. Eclipse version 2020-09 is recommended to use the plugin, Java 11 is required.

New Features

  1. Test Case Import: Check test case import files for illegal characters before import is performed.
  2. Traceability Export: Define default values for attribute mapping.
  3. RTT-MBT: Extend model configuration form editor to allow to add and edit additional name spaces.
  4. RTTL Editor: Display tool-tip text for RT-Tester keywords in C/C++/RTTL Editor when hovering over a keyword.
  5. RTTL Editor: Activate Code Sytle Formatters (as part of RT-Tester preferences).
  6. Test Suites: Test suite actions generated from test suites should use their own logfile settings.
  7. Preferences: New option to prevent console view from gaining focus on new console log entries.

User Manual Additions

  1. Extended chapter on model configuration files


  1. Fix more RTTL parser problems in C/C++/RTTL Editor
  2. Suppress output of commands checking for RT-Tester/RTT-MBT command parameters
  3. Fix TMS project creation with MBT support
  4. Fix deleting teaceability data in test management view
  5. Fix usability problems in project creation
  6. Fix issues with Makefiles used in test suites


  1. The plugin has been build and tested with Eclipse API baseline 2020-09.
  2. The plugin and Eclipse version 2020-09 require java 11.