Quality Policy

Mission Statement

Verified Systems International GmbH is dedicated to the continuous improvement of services, methods, techniques and tools for verification, validation and test of safety-critical, mission-critical or business-critical systems.


The management and employees of Verified Systems International GmbH are aware
of their responsibility towards

  • customers,
  • society,
  • environment,

who rely on the dependability of systems which are critical with respect to safety in general, specific missions or to a business.

Importance of the quality system

We are aware that, in order to ensure the quality of critical systems, our own processes, services and products have to be based on a quality system which is

  • inherently sound,
  • reliable in its application,
  • compliant with the technical state of the art,
  • compliant with the applicable laws and standards,
  • compliant with ethical responsibilities which are valid in our society.

Norm Compliance

The quality management system of Verified Systems International GmbH aims for certification credit for compliance with norms DIN9100:2016 and the included ISO 9001:2015.
Not applicable clauses are addressed with an appropriate justification.

Risk management Policy

In accordance with the normative requirements (DIN 9100:2016), Verified Systems International GmbH refines their quality policy by the following risk management policy.

  • Risk management is based on a risk management plan that is updated at least once per year.
  • Risks are classified according to
    • company-wide risks,
    • process-specific risks, and
    • project-specific risks.
  • Suitable risk-related procedures are defined and controlled for all classifications above.
  • Risks are handled according to their
    • probability (likelihood of occurrence of the negative consequences associated with the risk), and
    • severity (impact of the negative consequences associated with the risk).
  • The company management specifies and regularly checks the thresholds for tolerable risks.

Last updated: 2017-10-30