Verified Systems International GmbH

Quality Assurance for Embedded Systems

Quality Policy

Mission Statement

Verified Systems International GmbH is dedicated to the continuous improvement of services, methods, techniques and tools for verification, validation and test of safety-critical, mission-critical or business-critical systems.


The management and employees of Verified Systems International GmbH are aware of their responsibility towards

who rely on the dependability of systems which are critical with respect to safety in general, specific missions or to a business.

Importance of the quality system

We are aware that, in order to ensure the quality of critical systems, our own processes, services and products have to be based on a quality system which is

Compliance to Standards

The quality management system of Verified Systems International GmbH aims for certification credit for compliance with norms DIN EN 9100:2018 and the included ISO 9001:2015.

Not applicable clauses are addressed with an appropriate justification.

Risk management Policy

In accordance with the normative requirements (DIN EN 9100:2018), Verified Systems International GmbH refines their quality policy by the following risk management policy.

Last updated: 2019-08-30