Development Cooperations

  • Cooperation with AIM GmbH, Freiburg: Development of measurement equipment and interfaces for test benches
  • Cooperation with SET GmbH, Wangen: HW manufacture and wiring for test benches
  • Cooperation with SQS Software Quality Systems AG, Köln: Service provision for testing and quality assurance
  • Cooperation with MBtech Group GmbH & Co. KGaA (AKKA Technologies Group):
    • Test automation tools for the automotive domain
    • Hardware-in-the-loop test equipment
    • Verified’s model-based test generator RTT-MBT integrated in MBtech’s PROVEtech:TA test automation system

Rearch Cooperations

Cooperation with University of Bremen, Bremen Institute of Safe Systems: Research of verification and validation aspects of safety-relavant systems

  • Test automation
  • Formal analysis methods
    • Static analysis
    • Abstract interpretation
    • Formal verification by model checking
    • Formal verifcation by mathematical proof
  • Hazard analysis methods
  • Sponsor of graduate school GESy on verification, validation and test of embedded systems
  • Research partnership with Airbus in LUFO, VICTORIA, E-CAB, SCARLETT