Application Experience and Reference Projects

Up to now, the main application areas of Verified Systems have been safety critical systems, especially in avionics and the railway domain. For reference projects see the item list below. Some of these projects handle thousands of interfaces to the system under test during real-time execution (and real-time evaluation) of hardware-in-the-loop tests.

Since the complexity of hardware-software systems increases not only in the safety-critical domains, we suggest, that our novel test methods and corresponding test equipment may as well be applied to an even wider range of problems.


A380Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg and Buxtehude

  • Test strategy design, test automation software and test bench for A380 IMA bare module/integrated module tests
  • Test benches: KATO, IMA, CIDS/SDF/SDCU A318, A340-500-600, A380, A380F, ALNA V1-LR, EWS-Tester, A400M LMC, A350 CIDS/SDF
  • Development of simulation software: Topline, Middleline, Electrical Window Shades
  • Code verification
  • Model verification
  • Certification support

Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, Bremen

  • Verification and test of software components for A400M
  • Consulting and certification support DO178-B

B/E Aerospace, L√ľbeck

  • Test equipment and test services for AIRBUS A350 Oxygen system


  • Consultancy for certification aspects of avionic software



  • Verification and test of the DMS-R Fault-Tolerant Computers, developed for the International Space Station by Astrium, Space Infrastructure, Bremen (1997-1998). Since 2002 the DMS-R computers operate in space.
  • Consulting Quality Assurance (Metrication and Reuse)


  • Test of the power- and thermal controller of the ABRIXAS satellite, developed by OHB-System, Bremen



Daimler AG, Sindelfingen

  • Model-based testing: Development of automated test case / test data generator for hardware-in-the-loop test of automotive controllers
  • Hardware-Software integration testing for control units A-Klasse BR169 and E-Klasse BR211.

Hella Fahrzeugkomponenten, Bremen

  • Software integration tests (model-based) and unit tests for rain/light sensor, air quality management sensor, parking assistant.
  • HW/SW integration tests and performance tests on hardware-in-the-loop test benches designed and manufactured by Verified Systems


shanghai_transrapid_002_smallSiemens Transportation Systems, Berlin, Braunschweig, Erlangen

  • Code reviews and testing of NCU (Network Coupling Unit)
  • Design review and SW quality assessment for the Shanghai magnetic levitation train Transrapid
  • Verification and validation of interlocking SW components according to CENELEC SIL-4
  • Validation tests KBS: communication protocol conformance
  • HW/SW integration test bench (hardware-in-the-loop tests) and system validation FM: track element controller
  • Verification, validation and test of axle counter and level crossing control systems

ESW-Extel, Wedel

  • Verification (software safety analysis) of railway software according to CENELEC SIL-3

Transnet SA

  • Test of a safety-critical data transmission system for Transnet, South Africa.