Verified’s Expertise on Quality Assurance Standards

Verified Systems offers Software Quality Assurance services in accordance to

  • DO178-B (International Standard for Avionics Applications)
  • CENELEC EN50128 (European Standard for Railway Applications)

What’s new in Verified’s Testing Technology?

Verified’s RT-Tester test equipment offers

  • Outstanding price/performance ratio due to a hardware design based mainly on standard components.
  • Scalable test bench performance supported by multiprocessor and cluster technology.
  • Hard real-time test control, simulation and optional on-the-fly checking supported by a Linux kernel extension.
  • Timing precision of 3 microseconds for scheduling of simulations and events.
  • Powerful test languages for efficient development of procedures for automated test execution.
  • Automated test data generation and checking of system behaviour against expected results based on formal specifications.
  • Automated test data generation for source code coverage.
  • A unified approach for testing on all integration levels – from unit tests to system integration testing.

These distinguishing features of our test equipment are the result of continuous research and development activities, performed in international research projects and in cooperation with the University of Bremen.